Lyric of the Day: “Sappho”

Sappho by Tribes

“How do you tell a child that there’s no God up in the sky, and it’s all a lie, so twisted and bruised? How do you tell a son that his daddy left his mum when she fell in love, with a girl like you?”

This is a great lyric which represents the questioning of religion. Adding irony to a touchy topic, and questioning religion and faith is handled with seriousness in the song, and the band get their own opinion across in a genuine way. For years and years, there has been the question which almost everyone questions within their lifetime- is there a God? Tribes take their own spin on answering this question through a story of a father leaving his wife due to her finding a new love for someone else.

By explaining how the scenario of God is “twisted and bruised”, this could possibly take people back at first. The meaning of the line is about how the image of God as a whole has been twisted and altered so many times to the extent of not knowing what to believe anymore.

By the end of the song, it came down to this: If the father was able to leave his son, and leave him alone in disparity and heartache, then God chose this path for him. Even though this is a minor incident, it shows the excellent lyricism the song has, for there are far worse things happening in the world. Sappho is saying if bad things in the world are permitted to happened, and “God” does not prevent them- “how can you tell a child that there’s no God up in the sky, and it’s all a lie, for nothing”?

Although there is no proof to whether or not God exists, Sappho displays one side to the story. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to religion, and Tribes decided to express theirs through music. In the end, the band has a 50% chance of being right and by taking the chance to write about a serious topic; perhaps this song could sway someone’s opinion on religion.

Alicia Atout

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