Bombay Bicycle Club: Concert Review, Interviews & Photos!

“You’re a layer of my clothes, made of ivy and gold.”

A wonderful show occurred last night. Opening for Sam Robert’s Band, Bombay Bicycle Club @ Echo Beach rocked their set. It was here at this beachy and relaxing venue that Bombay made the crowd dance and have fun while listening to the tunes of their three albums.

Before the show, we ran into Louis, Bombay’s percussion and keyboard player, and walked over to meet the guys with him. We spoke about their touring, their tracks and then we on to chat about random things in life. First Jack, the band’s vocalist, came out to sign a photo which Maddie sketched for him, and we spoke about music and how excited we were to see them once again. Later on, Ed, BBC’s bassist and Jamie, their lead guitarist, came out and remembered us from the previous gigs. We were greeted with a nice hug from Jamie and then starting talking about the gig. Afterwards we walked over to the beach area where the band would play, and luckily caught Suren, their drummer, walking about. We got him to sign our photo and CD as the other guys did, and that added to the great day we were having so far.

After speaking to each of the guys, they were gracious enough to do a goofy, quick interview with me. Speaking to Jack, Jamie and Ed, they were asked two questions in their interview; “what is your favourite song to play on the tour so far?” and “what is your favourite thing to eat or snack on while on tour?” Here they are in a 2Q Interview:



Opening with Your Eyes, they got the crowd pumped by making everyone clap into the song with them. From there, the gig got more intense; the songs were far heavier live than off the albums, and the band were having a blast which led the audience to as well.

Before the show we were told by Ed that they will be playing their latest single Beg. As the set went on, this was one song in particular Bombay had never played live in Toronto… yet. Once the song began, it was phenomenal. With the powerful and extremely funky bass played by Ed and the splendid melody Jack sang, the song could not have been played any better live.

Near the middle of their set, Bombay Bicycle Club played a track we both adore. Hearing that catchy banjo riff come in with the count-in, “1…2…1..2..3..4..”, they began to play Ivy and Gold. Not only did this song get the crowd moving, but it also made the band! Adding in an energetic and intense drum solo from Suren, they started to dance about on stage, spinning around one another doing the hoedown- it looked like they were having a blast. Here is a video of the drum solo:

Bombay Bicycle Club “Ivy & Gold” Drum Solo @ Echo Beach

Although Jack announced their set had to come to an end, they surely did not disappoint the crowd with their last song of the night. Slowly, the captivating loop began to play and we instantly knew which song was to come. We knew it was time for the tasty jam Shuffle.prior to singing his first line, Jack said “This song is dedicated to Madison”. We just looked at each other and it meant the absolute world to each of us. With all the anticipation for the show, and how gracious they were with us already, we hadn’t expected THAT! It was the perfect way to end the show.

Even though it was a shorter set due to opening, the songs chosen really showcased their talent and how great of a band they are. We really hope we might be able to see them in New York for the sixth time! Sixth time’s a charm? It was surely an amazing night, with amazing guys, who are in an amazing band. Thank you BBC. x

Alicia and Madison Atout

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