Let Me Introduce You To… Underwater Picnic

With the likes of Enter Shikari and Arctic Monkeys, a band might be expected to have a unique sound from such inspirations. Well, the five-piece from Galway, Ireland surely deliver on their own indie electro-pop music that will get you on your feet.

Once I took my first listen of Underwater Picnic‘s song Losing Fast, I kept saying how I couldn’t get enough of it. Within the past couple days, this track has been played over and over to my ears. Their vocalist, Ben Rogan sings,

“From the moment you walked into the room, yeah you caught my eye. I could tell you were interested, no you didn’t try to hide it. One touch, one kiss, just to feed my appetite.”

Showing similarities to Two Door Cinema Club and Bloc Party, their funky guitar riff played by Pierce Cunnane and catchy melody float through all of this track. It is definitely a tune which gives an urge to dance and sing along with Rogan’s soft and crisp voice. The rhythm of the verse flows eloquently into the chorus which is even more memorable to sing along to. It’s a satisfying noise the band brings and with the announcement of an upcoming EP due to come out in September, I’m quite excited to hear more from them!

With a slight comparison to successful indie bands around today, Underwater Picnic combine their own sound with their influences to form a super groovy track. If I’ve yet to convince you how neat this indie tune is, take a listen!

Alicia Atout

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