Lyric of the Day: “Gimme the Sign”

Gimme the Sign by The Enemy

“Well you can press more buttons than a sky remote, but sing a tune and I bet you’ll choke. Step outside ‘cos we’re coming through, we’ve got no time for this or you. It’s time to give me the sign. And he’s only moving slowly, ‘cos it’s moving so much faster in your mind, gimme the sign. And he’s only moving slowly, ‘cos it’s moving so much faster in your mind.”

The Enemy are killing it with their new album Streets in the Sky. After listening to the album in its entirely, my favourite track so far is definitely Gimme the Sign. It’s a strong opening tune and completely drew me into wanting to hear more. This song delivers a big sound. Keeping to their style, Gimme the Sign contains all the traits The Enemy are known for. You hear the infamous vocal style from their lead singer Tom Clarke, the music’s accelerated pace, and the song is very guitar-driven.

The section I love most is the middle-eight. I must say, I think it’s pretty brilliant. The first time hearing it, it flowed so smoothly and back into the chorus- I hadn’t even realized it was the middle-eight! It’s surely clever and with the energy so kicked up, it gets me wanting to sing along. Not only is the music great, but the lyrics are also. The band’s influence of The Clash are displayed with the punk-vibe the track carries. This middle-eight is an infectious part of Gimme the Sign.

Although they show elements of their old sound, many tracks on Streets in the Sky reflect a new and fresh vibe. The mix of old and new is perfect and creates a rad album. If I were you, I would take a listen to this track now so you can get it stuck in your head already! Check out Gimme the Sign here.

You can also get a free download of the track here: Gimme the Sign Free Download

Alicia Atout

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