Let Me Introduce You To… Holland

I’m ecstatic to have discovered a new band through Twitter! Holland are an ambient-indie group who originate from Brisbane, Australia. They describe their influences as a “constant revolving door”. Some of them stem from The Beatles to Radiohead to Manchester Orchestra, and these influences can be heard in various tracks of theirs. The band have released their debut EP No Control which features two, new live tracks which will be on their forthcoming debut album.

After listening to their tunes, the one which appeals to me the most would have to be No Control. It begins with the gentle and comforting lyrics of vocalist Jarryd Klapper, as he sings;

“What do you do when you love someone, and you don’t know why you’re doing it the hard way? What if a simple thing was enough? How do you know when to just let go, hanging on a million words to find out? What if a simple love was enough?”

The falsetto is arranged charmingly in the way it follows the first verse. Another element which is very appealing are the drums played by Javed Sterritt; they give a relaxed and good vibe to the song which gets reflected onto the listener. Once I heard this song, I felt calm and rather tranquil. The combination of consoling vocals and drums create one of the great aspects to this mellow song.

I find the middle-eight to also be absolutely gorgeous. Something as simple as singing “don’t let the sun go down” can completely change one’s mood for the better. Listening to this song a lot the past few days, I’ve realized something Holland’s No Control can do that not every song can… Whether I’m going through moments of sorrow, happiness, doubt or wonder, this song hits every mood and always makes me feel good! To listen and watch the video for No Control, click here.

I already am, but if I were you I’d definitely follow them below for more info on their No Control EP and upcoming tour dates!


Alicia Atout

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