Hollerado: Concert Review, Interviews & Photos!

I’ve been a fan of Hollerado for a while now, but after seeing them at NXNE, I couldn’t stop listening to them! Since that concert, I’ve been waiting to see them again only I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Once it was announced that there would be a show, I was thrilled and really wanted to see them @300 Queen Street West with my family!

We headed down on Sunday and prior to the band going on stage, I got to meet Dean their bassist and Jake their drummer. It was quite fantastic being able to chat with them for a little, especially since they mentioned they had read my review on Got to Lose. The fact they read it, yet alone liked it meant so much to me! I was able to get an interview with Dean which was really fun! Take a look at this 2Q Interview here:

Interview with Dean Baxter from Hollerado

Now it was time, the show began! Their set seemed as if it were a “best of” setlist. Opening with Good Day At The Races, Hollerado got the crowd riled up and their playing was stellar. They then went into playing Americanarama. This seemed to be the crowd favourite as we swayed back and forth with vocalist Menno as he sang, “Do do doot doot do do, doot doot do do dodo, lord I miss you!” This song felt crazy live, as the band display a carnival-esque sound, showcasing their signature Hollerado throb.

A part of the show I loved was when Jake went for a drum solo and began drumming with his hands; the group gathered around him and the energy was mad! The love for improvising they have while playing live is a great aspect of the band which makes the Hollerado experience even better. It was hit after hit after hit. The band also threw in a new song which really gave a little taste of what’s to come. Infectious and passionate vocals, wicked guitar riffs, a terrific drum solo and driven bass… What more could you really ask for?

After the show we were able to chat with Nixon, Hollerado’s guitarist and also Menno, their vocalist. Nixon was killer on stage; displaying his excellent guitar playing and solos, his performance was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. We spoke to him about what music he’s into, which he replied “a lot of Les Paul lately”, for he’s been experimenting with his guitar playing. Afterwards we spoke to Menno and he couldn’t have been any cooler or modest. Loving his vocals, I enjoyed being able to talk to him about their music! I also knew what other questions I wanted to ask them both… So we did two, quirky 2Q Interviews, take a look here:

Interview with Nixon Boyd from Hollerado
Interview with Menno Versteeg from Hollerado

It was kind of surreal for me; they are such down to earth guys who show their humour through not only their personalities, but their music. It was really nice being able to talk and joke with a band I admire. I must say, I’m so excited for their new album to be released because the new song they showed was superb and vivacious. Hollerado are one of Canada’s hidden music gems, and being able to experience another show with them was inspiring.

Thanks again Hollerado,

Alicia Atout. x

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