Lyric of the Day: “Photobooth”

Photobooth by Friendly Fires

“You and me in the photobooth, waiting for the flash, close the curtain urgently. You and me like young lovers do, timing for the kiss and close enough to hear you breathe. You and me in the photobooth, waiting for the flash, style with a cup of tea. You and me in the photobooth, giving it the natch, posing like we’re this year’s models.”

As soon as we hear the first thump of the bass in Photobooth, we’re automatically stoked for the next couple minutes to come! Although the lyrics might seem straight-forward, it takes talent to be able to use such imagery to describe a certain moment.  Friendly Fires thoroughly capture what it’s like to be in a joyous and loving relationship. The imagery was thought out to perfection, and it transports you to a moment you might wish to share with someone.

The funky bass throughout the whole song is killer, and goes perfectly with Ed Macfarlane’s attractive vocals. With such an extensive range, he is able to express the emotion and admiration of the couple in the track. Whenever we hear ourselves some Friendly Fires, they entice us to want to explore with them, dance, sing, and hear the song over and over.

If you want to go on the experience as well, listen to this tasty jam here:
Photobooth by Friendly Fires

Alicia & Madison Atout

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