Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Citizens!

An Interview with Citizens!

Their debut album Here We Are is a collection of fab, electro-pop and unique tunes. With catchy hooks, plunging bass lines, melodic vocals and synth you are dared to sing along to, this album makes for great listening. Not only has it been loved in my house, but also was given an 8/10 by NME. I luckily had the chance to ask Citizens! for an interview, and they were down to do one of the funniest Q&As I have ever come by.

AMBY: So, for people who are unfamiliar with your band, how would you describe your music to them?
Citizens!: CITIZENS! are a runaway rollercoaster ride that’s been set fire using a match from Barack Obama’s man bag, and fueled by a stolen bottle of Grace Jones perfume. Grace Kelly holds the steering wheel, Tarantino man the break car.
AMBY: Perfect! Your debut album Here We Are is splendid. What are your favourite tracks off it?
Citizens!: Thank you! I think our favourite track to record was Know Yourself, we recorded it last when the rest of the album was finished and it was such an organic process. The take you hear of Tom’s voice and guitar was done using one microphone and was done first take. It was so perfect we just had play around and fit between it. I recorded my guitar parts as a taxi waited in the drive to take me to the station to get a train back to London, and Martyn and Mike drank loads of red wine, listened to loads of Cumbia compilations and then just put their parts down first time. Beauty.
AMBY: While a taxi awaited you? That’s priceless! Now, what’s the last track played on your iPods?
Citizens!: I don’t own an i-pod. I can’t afford one. I have two Blue Nile albums, Kanye West and Talking Heads loaded on my phone. I want to put some Bruce Springsteen on there but there’s no room on the memory card. Boo!
AMBY: Aw, The Good Thing is at least there’s some Talking Heads! I noticed there was an Autumn tour announced not too long ago, anything planned for North America? I know people in our corner of the world would love to see you.
Citizens!: We will have some exciting news on this soon I’m sure. But for now I must keep my lips sealed and my eyes open.
AMBY: Wicked, I’ll have to look out for that then… Speaking of touring, which member of the band would you like to kick off the tour bus at certain moments? And why?
Citizens!: I would like to kick off anyone who doesn’t agree that Celtic’s European cup winning team of 1967 invented the total football that Ajax would use to dominate the world 5 years later. It’s so obvious!! Also I have a fractured ankle at the moment so anyone that rabbit punches my foot for banter. But I’d hurt myself to much if I kicked them off the bus so I’ll let them stay.
AMBY: Best answer to a question right there! And finally for our last Q, tell us something your fans yet to know about you.
Citizens!: When I was 9 years old I spent my pocket money on 3 tapes from Whsmith’s bargain bin “When I Come Around” by Green Day, “Search For The Hero” by M-People and “Whoops Now” by Janet Jackson. I’m not sure about the M-People tune, but the other two are still staples of any dj set I do. For myself. In my room.
I must say, after that I not only crave to hear their music, but I’m also looking forward to hopefully seeing them in Canada soon even more than before! Their personalities and especially humour are a wonderful match for their creative music. Check out Here We Are and take a look at their song True Romance below. Thank you again Citizens! for giving me your answers!
Alicia Atout

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