You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Zulu Winter”

Usually for this segment we lean our focus towards one song, but when I went to write about a song by this band, I couldn’t just mention one. So, I decided to tell you about three brilliant songs which You’ve GOT to Hear! I honestly can’t control myself each time Zulu Winter come on. They make you want to dance, sing and also think about their clever lyrics. When I saw them at NXNE, I was completely blown away with their talent.

The first song I adore by the group is Bitter Moon. The light synth Dom plays introduces the song,  and then closely following, gorgeous lyrics sung by vocalist Will. Then with a bang, the tropical-esque drums of Guy begin.. I always anticipate the chorus; I simply want to thrust my hand in the air along with Will’s powerful “HEY!” and then continue with the chorus. I find myself many times walking around the house and will randomly sing, “HEY!”, and my sister knows exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a song with a fantastic hook, and is completely addictive.

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When I saw Zulu Winter about a month ago at NXNE, they played a beautiful rendition of their song We Should Be Swimming. They focused on an acoustic, harmonized, slower-tempo which formed a beautiful sound. As Will sang the lead in the chorus, Iain sang the lower line which when sung together, melted to create a lyric of doubt, dreams and love. I was amazed at how different their version was; the song itself is mesmerizing, but when a lighter touch is added which derives a form of intimacy, there is an extremely lush and admirable feeling I have towards the song.

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The last tune is Let’s Move Back to Front. The drums played by Guy carry that tropical vibe heard in Bitter Moon, but it’s more prominent in this song. The energy escalates into the jiving atmosphere the synth has. My favourite part of the track is the sound their guitarist Henry is able to achieve, it’s immaculate, airy and ethereal. His guitar playing allows for Will’s lyrics to float around all of the other instruments, making this into a jam of excellence. It’s captivating.

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Their music makes me feel as if I connect to something. Every time this band comes on, whether we’re in the car and someone chooses it, if it’s played during dinner, or I’m in my room and pick them myself- they always make me smile, put my hands in the air and sway me back and forth into their world of Zulu Winter. And that is why- You’ve GOT to Hear This!

Alicia Atout

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