Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Twang

An Interview with The Twang!

This band is one I’ve been listening to from the start. When I was younger, I used to sit on my bed with these gigantic headphones and play Two Lovers over and over. Now I find myself doing the same, a little bit older, only I’m blasting their new song Mainline… over and over! The Twang deliver low bass in their new track that completely captures you at the intro, from there your foot will not stop tapping, and the lyrics “you ain’t got nothing, if you ain’t got love” will not leave your mind. Take a look at this interview which will tell you a little more about the band, along with some things you might not have known!

AMBY: Hey The Twang! I’ve been listening to you since your first album and you’ve still got me hooked. So, tell me about the upcoming album 10:20. What’s to be expected?

The Twang: I like to think of 10.20 as the kind of child of our two previous albums. It has the aggression and humour of love it when…. And possesses the tender qualities of Jewellery Quarter.

AMBY: What was a highlight in the studio while recording this latest album?

The Twang: The highlight for me came right at the end. Our new manager told us that he felt we had a couple more crackers amongst the demos we’d done and they just needed to be recorded better. He was right, and the two songs, (Mainline, and Beer, Wine and Sunshine) changed the whole record.

AMBY: What song off the new record HAS to be on everyone’s player?

The Twang: Our next single Mainline. We’ve never done anything like this before. It’s a belter.

AMBY: I’d have to agree, Mainline had me wanting to sing that chorus in seconds! Tell us something goofy/bizarre that’s happened to the band that nobody knows.

The Twang: About three years ago a group of blokes turned up at a gig in Norwich with a fully functioning  Harley Davidson style Motorcycle in the back of their van. They had built it completely from scratch and had decorated it immaculately in the style of the artwork of our first album. A strange yet touching episode.

AMBY: No way! That’s amazing. And I know there’s an upcoming tour planned, where will that take you? Any plans to stop in North America (specifically Toronto!)?

The Twang: At the moment we only have the U.K. penciled in, but we would honestly love to play in Canada. Maybe you could arrange something.

AMBY: I wish, you guys are on my list of bands to see. Since we mentioned touring, if you could see any one of your influences live, who would you choose?

The Twang: I’ll definitely try and get tickets for The Smiths if they ever reform, they are easily one of the best British bands in my opinion. I would love to have seen Bob and the Wailers and I think The Clash at their peak would have immense.

AMBY: The Smiths, classic. And the last question, if The Twang were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

The Twang: Sneaking up on people when they least expect it.

I’m quite looking forward to their new album 10:20! It’s a different sound for The Twang, but it’s a sound that works. The band have been making ridiculously great music for years now, and with this new album approaching, it’ll be many more years of that to come! Check out Mainline below and get your vocals ready, because it will entice you to sing along! One last thing, I would like to really thank you The Twang, for giving me your answers!

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