Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Cribs

An Interview with Ryan Jarman of The Cribs!

This is a band I can listen to repeatably and never get sick of. The Cribs have been played to the extreme on my player for over five fantastic albums, and they still are! I can’t even begin to tell you how many memories I have with people yelling, “Hey Scenesters!” and singing all of their loved tracks. Brothers Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman have been making wicked music for years now and I was completely stoked when I was able to do an interview with Ryan, so check this one out!

AMBY: So to begin, how did you guys meet? …Just kidding. Now let’s get to the real questions! Tell me about the latest album, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull. What was the recording process like?

RJ: The recording process was both very happy and harmonious and at the same time quite turbulent and dark. I take full responsibility for that aspect but there was such a tight bond between us, just being back to us 3 brothers, and the writing process had gone so well and felt so natural that there was a great sense of liberation. I think it was very satisfying overall, channeling a lot of what was happening into what we all felt like was our best record. Producing those 4 tracks at Abbey Road on mine and Gary’s birthday was also a real high point.

AMBY: That sounds like a wicked celebration. What are three must-hear tracks off the album?

RJ: I would say Back to the Bolthole, the end 4 tracks from Abbey Road, Come On, Be a No-one and Anna. I don’t know, my mind changes…

AMBY: Being brothers, do you guys fight like those crazy bastards in Oasis?!

RJ: No, it’s such a waste of time. We seem to have a good understanding and empathy for each other. That’s not to say it’s all plain sailing if course, but any arguments and disputes are sorted out very swiftly. We’re pretty pacifist guys, I avoid negativity as much as I can.

AMBY: Having just played both Reading & Leeds, what was the experience like?

RJ: Amazing. As always. You never think its going to get any better than the last time you played but somehow it does. It was the festival I went to growing up so it always feels very significant.

AMBY: You guys are known for being a fantastic, live band! What are some of the craziest moments that have occurred on stage?

RJ: It’s hard to remember them all, it’s important for us that when we go onstage things aren’t planned to the nth degree and we like to make sure that there is a lot of room for spontaneity. I’ve always been surprised at how keen a lot of bands are to really meticulously plan a ‘show’ and endeavour to make it the same every night. That would be so boring to me. I don’t ever want this to feel like work, I want to enjoy every gig I play and the only way to do that is to go onstage not knowing what is about to happen. We also like the crowd to feel very involved, so that leaves the door open to a lot of unpredictability.

AMBY: We’d love to see you one day, every single show sounds stellar! What was it like playing with the legendary Johnny Marr?

RJ: It was a really good experience, I was a huge fan of his playing growing up so to find out he was a fan of my playing too was something I was very proud about. Also, I feel like we played really well together, nothing ever felt forced, and no matter how much mutual respect 2 people have, you can’t force something to work you know? And we never had to, I like the record we made together and I’m glad it worked as well as it did.

AMBY: How do you feel about the state of modern/mainstream music?

RJ: I don’t. I tend to ignore it.

AMBY: Great answer. And lastly, tell me something about the band that nobody knows.

RJ: We kind of have our own secret language that only people within our inner circle ever get exposed to, complete with pseudonyms for each other. It started when we were kids and just developed over the years.

As I said before, this band is loved for brilliant music and always delivering irresistible tracks. If you’ve yet to already, listen to their song Come On, Be a No-One and get into The Cribs’ music as soon as possible. Because once you do, you won’t stop! Most importantly, thank you again Ryan, for giving me your answers!


Alicia Atout

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