Lyric of the Day: “Wall of Arms”

Wall of Arms by The Maccabees

“Through these eyes, there’s no god above me, no devil below me. No purgatory, no pearly gates, the worms are what await me. It’s only me that can forgive me. And I have faith, oh I have faith. I have faith, oh I have faith in those who put up with me.”

In this enchanting tune The Maccabees touch a very sensitive subject in such an inventive way. When most bands try to write about religion they push their beliefs in peoples faces. But this song does the exact opposite, you are told what The Maccabees think in a very easy, straightforward way. Even though the lyrics are wonderful, the instruments beneath them add such a composed feel. Between the plucked guitars and airy horns they make this song a serenade.

When the verse starts, Orlando Weeks sings about how there is no God or Devil, and no heaven and hell. That only he can forgive his own sins, for he is the one that made those choices. Then he begins to say that he has faith in his family and friends. The way you are being told not to worry about what comes after you’re gone, but to appreciate what you have now, and how and with who you are spending it with is so humbling. Knowing that the people who argue, and always put up with you are the ones who truly love you.

To listen to another track by The Maccabees, check out this video for their latest single Went Away below.


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