Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Steel Panther

An Interview with Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther!

Now, just to clear something up… I know the blog generally sticks to a certain genre, but we HAD to make an exception here. Steel Panther transcends genres and are such a vivacious and killer band that we needed to add a feature on them! From the very first moment I heard their track Death to All But Metal, Steel Panther took me on a surprising twist into the world of big hair, tight spandex pants, and badass music- And I’ve been hooked ever since. Being one of my favourite bands, when drummer Stix said he was down for this interview, I began blasting my Steel Panther and was absolutely thrilled! Check this hilarious and insightful interview out here:

AMBY: Well I have to say you guys are some of the most talented yet underrated musicians I’ve heard, so tell me about the Steel Panther live experience!

Stix: Thank you. It is weird how good we are.  The Steel Panther live experience is like no other concert you’ve been to. It will take you to places you’ve never been before. We will be adding a lot of production to the show for our fall tour as well. We will be adding more medics too, because we expect more people to pass out from excitement!

AMBY: You’re welcome, and I am even more so stoked to see you live now! Since we’re on the topic of gigs, what would you say is your favourite track to play live?

Stix: 17 Girls in a Row.

AMBY: And if you were trapped in an elevator, who would you love to be stuck in there with and who would you dread?

Stix: I would love to be stuck with 1991 Pam Anderson and I would dread being stuck with Kajagoogoo.

AMBY:  Why not Kajagoogoo, Too Shy? And of course Pam! Well, what’s the most trouble/backlash Steel Panther has gotten regarding your badass lyrics?

Stix: We have not gotten into any trouble. I think people are happy that there is a band out there that is speaking their minds without any bullshit corporate filters.

AMBY: Which other drummers influence you as a musician?

Stix: John Bonham, Stewart Copeland, Tico Torres, Myron Grumbacher.

AMBY: All fantastic drummers. Many people I know are wondering this- how much lip gloss does Lexxi go through in a week?

Stix: 4 or 5 sticks.

AMBY: That’s all? Wow! And I have to ask, will you guys ever aim for 18 Girls in a Row?

Stix: We aim for that every night.

AMBY: Should have known. I noticed there was a picture of Tiger Woods on stage. Was that actually him… or just another blow-up doll!? And what did he have to say to you guys if it was him?

Stix: It wasn’t actually Tiger, but it looked a lot like him! I was inspired by just havin’ a look a like!

AMBY: Now that you’ve brought heavy metal back, what’s next?! I hear you have a DVD coming out…

Stix: Yes, Steel Panther British Invasion. It’s a show we did at Brixton Academy in London. There is behind the scenes footage too. It will entertain the crap outta you for hours!!

AMBY: As soon as that’s out, we’re all going to watch it! Lastly, tell me something about each of the four rockin’ members that nobody knows.

Stix: Michael likes Ryan Cabrera, Satchel played in a Latin Fusion band call El Fusion Grande for a month when he was 19, Lexxi still cannot do long division, Stix worked as a strip club DJ in over 16 strip clubs across the US.

Every time a track by Steel Panther is played, I always get a rush of absolute excitement for the music that’s to come. Be sure to check out this great trailer for Steel Panther British Invasion and as soon as it’s available, get yourself out to buy it! It is after all Community Property! And of course, I’d love to thank you Stix, for giving me your answers! Now I usually end this here, but I need to add one more thing… DEATH TO ALL BUT METAL!


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