Bloc Party: Concert Review, Interview & Photos!

This was a day I had been anticipating for years, and it finally happened. I finally saw Bloc Party! We headed downtown on Tuesday for their session at Sugar Beach, and I have to admit, the anxiety completely kicked in. They played two of their songs off their latest album Four, including Truth and Day Four. Each were gorgeous with their swaying melodies, and Kele’s voice really shined. I was able to get some stellar photos of their performance, so check them out here!

After they played the two tracks, I had the surreal opportunity of doing an exclusive interview with Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke! He was extremely gracious and humourous, and the fact he took the time to do a 2Q Interview still amazes me. If you fancy watching the 2Q Interview, take a look here:


Once the interview was finished, we headed down to the venue for the actual concert at the Danforth Music Hall. We were in the balcony and had a great view of the band and the crowd, as we all waiting impatiently for a band we love to take the stage. Finally, the lights dimmed and all of a sudden, they came out onto the stage and began to play So He Begins to Lie. This song was a fantastic start to the night, and when I thought the night couldn’t have gotten any better, I heard the infamous intro to Mercury. Now usually, Bloc Party don’t play this track live, so the surprise was fantastic. The whole crowd were enthralled as we sang, “Mercury’s in retrograde!”

Mid-way through their grand set, one of their beloved singles, Banquet began. The tight drums kicked up the energy along with the whips of steady basslines, kinetic vocals, and a rapid dancehall beat that nobody can ignore- everyone was having a wonderful time. Afterwards our ears and feet got a taste of some tracks off Four, as the band played Day Four and Team A. It was incredible seeing the difference between their acoustic version of Day Four, and then having the chance of seeing the song played full-band that night. Right afterwards came my favourite moment of the concert, Helicopter. There came a point in the song where the drums began fading out, and the group kind of slowed the track down while looked at each other unsure of what had happened. Then their drummer Matt pulls up his foot petal and shows it to the audience- his broken foot pedal. They were rockin’ so energetically that he broke it! In all their years of playing gigs they told us, that had never happened. It was a funny way to end the song and make us in the crowd have an even better experience.

We all knew the night was soon about to come to an end as Bloc Party reclaimed the stage for their last track in their encore. They played This Modern Love, and as soon as we all thought it was over, Kele says “Oh, fuck it!” and the band kicks into hyper-drive and begins to play Helicopter again. It was even better than the first time they played it, and plus, Matt didn’t lose another foot pedal!

I’m extremely pleased with the show Bloc Party put on Tuesday in Toronto, and next time they’re through I have to go! I couldn’t believe how great they were, especially after waiting all these years to see them. I have to say, Kele is a superb guy, not just for doing the interview but in general, and the whole band is fantastic. So thank you Bloc Party for a night I won’t ever forget!

Alicia Atout. x

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