Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Ida Maria

She eats boys like you for breakfast, she likes you so much better when you’re naked, and she graciously took the time to answer a few questions us fans at A Music Blog, Yea? ! I completely admire the fabulous Ida Maria for her charming lyrics, exciting guitar playing and flirty spunk! Check out this interview where she talks about her latest album Katla, touring, her “super-band” and topics in which you may find out something you’ve yet to know about this indie rocking blast of liveliness!

AMBY: It’s been a couple of years since your last album Katla was released, I’ve heard you’ve been working on the third album. Tell us how it’s going!

IM: It’s going great! I’m having more fun than ever in the studio working with some amazing people. Just being creative everyday is the biggest bliss and the best thing I can imagine.

AMBY: How will this album vary from the last and when are you planning on releasing it?
IM: I’m constantly experimenting like a mad scientist mixing fluids and elements to see if I get an explosion or just a funny smell. I eat music like candy.
AMBY: Extremely looking forward to hearing it! And when you tour, do you think we’ll see you again in Canada?
IM: I certainly hope so! I love the Canadian scene it’s very eclectic and experimental and I love that!
AMBY: Fantastic! You’re extremely kinetic on stage, have your ribs healed yet?!
IM: Yes.
AMBY: Who are your influences both as a singer and a guitar player?
IM: Jack White, Billie Holiday, Bjorne, Hendrix.
AMBY: Which three songs could be the soundtrack to your life so far?
IM: Coming in from the Cold- Bob Marley, Human Behavior- Bjork, Dat Ole Devil Called Love- Billie Holiday.
AMBY: We’re also fans of The Guillemots, so what was it like working with them? And are there any other collaborations coming up?
IM: It was very inspirational, they are very pro and great musicians and songwriters. A bunch of Collabs coming up, I’ve been studio touring between Oslo, Stockholm, London, New York and now LA. Rio is on my list. Check out my Anthony Green collab, came out earlier this year.
AMBY: I’ve heard it before, Can’t Be Satisfied is great. If you could form a super-band with you on vocals, who would be on drums, bass & guitar?
IM: David Sandstrom from Refused on drums, Skrillex on bass and Hendrix on guitar ;-)
AMBY: And lastly, tell us something no one knows about you.
IM: I love to sweep.
Take a listen to her track Cherry Red off of Katla– I guarantee it will make you dance and sing along to the clever lyrics! Also check out Ida’s tour dates here, because you don’t want to miss her when she’s in town! And I must say thank you very much Ida, for giving me your answers!
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