Monday, September 24th, 2012: Get Me Through the Day Playlist

It’s Monday, and as soon as I woke up I knew I needed some rad tunes to make this day easier. These are some songs that helped me through this Monday! If ever a day stands in your way, take a listen to these top tracks that will get you through it all!

“Oh me, oh my how large a desire to run from the streets in only our sheets, kicking our shoes off and clinging in heat. I would watch a bead of sweat drip down, tracing the curves of your soft frown. For all the wind or for all the world.” We Should Be Swimming by Zulu Winter

Zulu Winter- We Should Be Swimming
Big Deal- Distant Neighborhood
Bombay Bicycle Club- Lights Out, Words Gone
Hollerado- Juliette
Metronomy- The Bay
Of Montreal- Suffer for Fashion
The Pixies- Velouria
Bloc PartyBanquet
Kasabian- Days Are Forgotten
The Delays- Long Time Coming

Alicia Atout

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