Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Post War Years

An Interview with Simon Critten of Post War Years!

I am absolutely addicted to a certain song off a certain EP by a certain band. The song being Glass House, and it happens to be from a band called Post War Years. They deliver intriguing and irresistible melodies that we can’t get enough of. I always wanted to live in the ’80s for the fantastic new wave music, and for a girl who was born in ’95, it’s pretty impossible! So I was ecstatic when I heard about Post War Years, because they at least are giving me a lovely taste of new wave that’s been pushed into the future. I had the opportunity of speaking to their vocalist Simon about what the band’s been up to, so check it out!

AMBY: For people who are unfamiliar with Post War Years, how did you form?

SC: Our band is based around three songwriters, so it was kind of born out of a need to collaborate. We all grew up together in suburban Warwickshire, which offers little in the way of artistic stimuli and it’s rather cut-off from other more exciting parts of England. So I think like a lot of musical projects ours was born out of boredom and a frustrated tension.

AMBY: How would you describe your latest EP Glass House in three words?

SC: Engineered. Precise. Future.

AMBY: What is the significance of the band’s name?

SC: It suggests regeneration, renewal and hope. Hopefully.

AMBY: Tell us about your craziest tour experience.

SC: Once, over a period of 12 hours we climbed the tallest building in the world, visited a 6 star hotel lobby for a coffee, wandered around the vacuous expanse of the world’s largest shopping mall, before playing to drunk Irish people in a car park, in Dubai UAE. Not particularly crazy, just a distinctly odd experience.

AMBY: Wow, that’s quite impressive! And you recently did some shows with Everything Everything, what are your upcoming plans as far as touring?

SC: Yes. Everything Everything have very kindly taken us around the country a few times, they’re audience are forward thinking and generally interested, so it was a success.
Our album doesn’t drop until January. So we’re putting together a very special performance in November in London, and a few regional shows. More of a party really, with some interesting (and possibly very pretentious) additions.

AMBY: You are one of our favourite new bands, who are some of yours?

SC:Fiction are a band from London who make the most beautifully precise pop music. Kwes is a producer from London who is possibly the most important artist to come out of the UK in recent times, his sound is very Future. Finally, from our hometown in the Midlands, Coves have just released a really beautiful EP… they’re destined for great things.

AMBY: Who would you like to be most and least stuck in an elevator with?

SC: Positive: Phillip K. Dick or a drug dealer – Negative: Thirty four newborn babies crying simultaneously.

AMBY: I love your answer for the “negative”. If you were a heavy metal band, whom would you be?

SC: Absolutely ‘The Berzerker’ Watch this and cry:

AMBY: Wow, never seen that one before- interesting! Now… Do you like pina coladas?

SC: Only on a Monday morning.

AMBY: How would you define success for yourselves as a band?

SC: Releasing record three. All four of us being mentally stable. Having good friends. Bigger than U2. Eternal life.

AMBY: What will be the follow up to the EP and when will it be released?

SC: The follow up is a new 12-inch EP called The Bell, which is coming in the next few weeks on Chess Club/ RCA.

If you’ve yet to hear the band’s EP, check it out here. And please everyone, after all my hype about the track you must lend an ear over to Glass House along with Post War Years’ tune Brazil. Each are highly addictive! Last but never least, thank you very much Simon, for giving me your answers!


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