Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ PAWS

PAWSpawsGreeted with “Love from Copenhagen!” from PAWS as they embark on their tour was a great kick-off to our interview. I am completely struck with their music in the best of ways; their mix of punk-pop creates an extremely dynamic energy that I can’t stop listening to. PAWS’ frontman Phillip Taylor generously took the time to answer a few questions on the band’s name, favourite bands, heavy metal bands and what’s forthcoming!

AMBY: For those who haven’t heard of you, how would you describe your sound?

PT: I guess we play pop songs with a punk rock aesthetic.

AMBY: What’s the story behind the band’s name? Or are you just animal lovers?!

PT: Youtube – Peekaboo Kitten. But yeah, animal lovers for sure. We couldn’t pick one animal to name ourselves after….

AMBY:  You’re about to release your debut album Cokefloat, what were some of the highlights while recording it?

PT: The whole process of recording with Rory was fantastic. It was so chill and everyone was just cutting jokes the whole time…and drinking tea. The fact that we recorded it on a boat was pretty fun. Swaying to the tide twice a day in the Thames when you are trying to track vocal parts is nothing short of hilarious….

AMBY: I’m loving the second single Sore Tummy, what was it like working with Big Deal’s Alice Costelloe?

PT: Thanks! It was great. We heard the Big Deal record through a friend of ours called Babak Ganjei in London. He had released their first single and told me to check them out. We really wanted a female vocal part on the song so I just got in touch with Alice to see if she would like to do it.  A few days before we went to the studio we did a BBC session in Scotland on Radio 1, so we played Sore Tummy for the first time so we could have a rough live version to send to Alice. I sent her the file and she sent back a rough mix that she had recorded her vocal part over and we loved it. When we got to the boat, Alice came down to meet us on the first day of vocal tracking and it took her like 20 minutes. Two takes or something. She has an absolutely beautiful voice, so it was lovely to sit and listen to her in the control room. My voice is crap, so it’s my favourite track on the record for sure.

AMBY: Just coming back from a tour, was there any interesting moments you could share with us?

PT: I ollied over Brian Japandroid outside the venue we played in Luzern Switzerland. That was nothing short of bizarre. The whole tour has been incredible and full of strange little moments like that.

AMBY: Wow, that’s rad. Who is your inspiration as far as songwriting goes?

PT: I guess, people like Ben Gibbard, Michael Stipe, Patti Smith and Kim Deal. All of those people have an incredible sense of melody that I’ve grown up admiring. They have all written records that have inspired me in a lot of ways.

AMBY: Who are some of your favourite bands at the moment?

PT: North American War, Big Deal, Eagulls, Cloud Nothings, Japandroids, Bleached, Secret Motorbikes, Garden Of Elks, Sean Armstrong

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2012 so far?

PT: The House That Heaven Built– Japandroids.

AMBY: If you were a heavy metal band, who would you be?

PT:Black Sabbath. Duh…

AMBY: How important has social media been to your success?

PT: I have no idea. I guess it plays a big part in 2012 in terms of sharing your updates and music, but we have toured as hard as we could for the past three years. So, I think that has been more important.

AMBY: What’s next for the band now that the album’s coming out?

PT: I guess only time will tell! Hopefully we will continue to tour and take our songs to new audiences all over planet earth. Keep on writing songs, record a new record and keep doing what we’ve been doing! Having fun!

AMBY:Sounds good to me! And lastly, tell me something about the band that no one knows yet!

PT: I live in a cupboard.

Well I guess that fact ends our interview! This band is lovely and their tune Jellyfish is constantly being played here. Listen to the track below and start your PAWS addiction now! And thank you plenty Phillip, for giving me your answers! Now it usually ends here, but there’s one more thing to say- Us writers at A Music Blog, Yea? …We Have PAWS!


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