You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Come of Age”

Come of Age by The Vaccines

The Vaccines delivered their first stellar album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? last March. It was so excellent that it comes off as a “greatest hits” album. With this, I was unsure what to expect from The Vaccines for their next album! Since it was so great, I didn’t know if it could be beat. Well, wow was I wrong. Their newest album Come of Age displays a new sound for the band; a sound distinct from their prior album, yet one that works for them brilliantly.

Come of Age was just recently released in Canada, and aside from streaming it here, it was finally spectacular being able to put the tracks on my player! The album as a whole holds not one song to dislike. The Vaccines have officially kicked up the energy, the attitude and the overall feel of their music with Come of Age.

Going through the album, there are two standout tracks which really catch my attention- Ghost Town (this might just be my favourite off the album) and Weirdo. They each have an unique ambiance and every attribute swims into a river of harmonious and gripping beats. The song has a sense extremely reminiscent of swing music for me; its different downbeat makes me want to dance like mad. The band’s experimentation with even more melodic tunes is completely evident in this song.

After a two minute and twenty-one second moment of musical bliss, Ghost Town is followed by Aftershave Ocean. It shows such desirability as the guitar sways its rockabilly melody with the charming vocals. Every aspect of the song is adored.

I’ve found that even the playing has been kicked up a notch. Freddie has captured a certain southernized, country-twang to his playing which is simply admirable. The drumming displayed by Pete follows this same path as it’s far more complex, yet maintains that punk-element they are known for. Arni’s bass playing is far more evident as it maintains its thumping throughout the album, and Justin stretching his vocal range really adds a nice touch to many of the tracks.

I’ve had the urge to see The Vaccines since their enthusiastic and kick-ass show in Toronto last May as they opened for The Arctic Monkeys. Well, I’m so pleased that this urge will be fulfilled. The Vaccines have recently announced they will be returning to Toronto in February at The Phoenix! I am ecstatic to attend and watch Come of Age live in all its glory. Until then, remember this: Next time you ask yourself What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, expect something fantastic.


Alicia Atout

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