Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Bastille

BastilleBastille have a knack for writing catchy songs out of the gate. This had led to their success with the two killer tracks Bad Blood and Flaws. Each one has a bit of an edge and swooping choruses that will hook any listener. We like to be at the forefront of a great thing, so we pulled aside the charismatic Dan Smith of Bastille to see what the future holds for him and his music!

AMBY: For those people unfamiliar with Bastille, tell us about the origins.

DS: I started off making some songs in my bedroom a couple of years ago, and then began working on them with my friend Mark who is a producer. At the end of 2010 I put a couple of songs online under the name Bastille and got some friends together to learn the songs to play live. We did our first gig in April last year and then released our first indie single that summer, and things have just kind of progressed from there.

AMBY: How would you describe the bands sound?

DS: I’m not sure. I try and pull together all of the sounds and influences that I love from indie to RnB to alternative singer song-writers to electron music. I’m not very good at describing it, but I guess it’s a mix of live and electronic instruments with lots of harmonies and beats and vocals, all held together by (hopefully) alright pop songs.

AMBY: And I have heard the name Bastille comes from Bastille day, your birthday. Are you happy you weren’t born on Easter?!

DS: Ha, yeah. That would have been rubbish.

AMBY: Bad Blood is a killer song, how did it come about?

DS: I’m not sure really, a lot of the songs I write seem to just come together from ideas which I piece together. It was one of the last songs that I wrote for the album that I’ve been making, and I guess I was thinking a bit about friendships and relationships you have when you’re a kid and how far away from them you can end up. Does that make sense?

AMBY: Perfect sense. I have to tell you that the video for Flaws is cool, tell us about shooting it.

DS: I was lucky enough to go to Coney Island in New York to shoot it. I was pretty reluctant to be in the video, but it was a lot of fun to shoot. We wanted to make something that carried on from the last video but was tonally a bit more upbeat and dreamy.

AMBY: Who are the last three bands you listened to?

DS: TNGHT, Grizzly Bear and Kanye West’s new G.O.O.D. music album.

AMBY: I hear you will be touring, what types of shows will you be doing?

DS: We’ve just finished quite a long run of festivals and are starting a headline tour round the UK in a couple of weeks, so a bit of a mix I guess.

AMBY: Who would you like most and least to be stuck in an elevator with?

DS: Most: Rihanna. Least: Chris Brown.

AMBY: Haha, what a great answer. How do you feel about the state of modern music?

DS: I’m not sure… I guess there’s a lot of it. Some of it is great and some is absolutely terrible, but it’s always been like that hasn’t it?

AMBY: What would you say is your hidden talent?

DS: I don’t think I have one. Wish I did.

AMBY: What’s next as far as releases go?

DS: We’re releasing Flaws in a couple of weeks, and then another single before the album which will come our early next year.

AMBY: And last but not least, tell me something that nobody knows about you.

DS: I’ve never had a nose bleed.

Bad Blood happens to be one of those songs that will ring in your head for days, and you won’t ever get annoyed. There’s a certain catchiness that derives from the droppy and low-toned synth-bass into the swaying vocals of Dan Smith. That song is a pleasure to hear, and I’m much looking forward to hearing all of Bastille’s new album! Be sure it listen to it below! And lastly, thank you very much Dan, for giving me your answers!


Alicia Atout

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