Motion City Soundtrack: Concert Review, Interview & Photos!

Heading down to the Mod Club on November 13th to see Motion City Soundtrack for the first time all felt really surreal. It hit me, after years of loving their music; I was finally going to see them. *** Looking around, everyone was singing as loud as they possibly could as we

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ States of Emotion

Sometimes when you listen to a band for the first time, you can tell that they possess all of the elements of something special. One such band is the UK’s States of Emotion. Driven by blistering guitars and beautifully melodic songs, it is easy to see why so many people

The Antics: Concert Review & Photos!

The Antics- The Sunflower Lounge 24/11/12 Saturday’s are what it’s all about yeah, well according to The Enemy’s Tom Clarke they are anyways and when a great band are in town I couldn’t agree more. So a two hundred mile round trip, I didn’t say my town, to see The Antics

Gimme Your Answers 3: An Interview w/ Steel Panther

An Interview with Lexxi Foxx of Steel Panther! He’s the man with the black panther in his dressing room, the decked out cellphone, the gorgeous hair everyone envies, and he’s also the man who rocks the hell out of a bass! I had the opportunity of speaking to the king of

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Antics

An Interview with Gaz Openshaw of The Antics! In England there's been a resurgence of guitar-powered bands. Fueled by a wonderful energy and the ability to write catchy yet witty anthemic songs, The Antics are one of the bands at the forefront of this movement. We wanted to find out what's new

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Everything Everything

Everything Everything are one of the most innovative, clever and fresh bands of not just a specific genre, but I’d have to say ever. The band creates remarkable music with an entirely unique vibe. They have the ability to showcase little, musical moments of delight as they intertwine acrobatic vocals

Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Bauer

Bauer were one of the very first bands I wrote about on A Music Blog, Yea? I'd blast their singles all the time and am so pleased they now have more tracks to listen to. Don't know Bauer yet? Well, let me introduce you to them here. Otherwise, for those