Attention All Unsigned Artists: Tom Clarke Talks NBT Project & Submissions

The NEXTBiGTHING project has officially launched! This is a wonderful opportunity for all unsigned artists and acts to get their music out there. A Music Blog, Yea? will be teaming up with NBT by creating playlists with submissions and also the final selections. The very enthusiastic Tom Clarke of The Enemy spoke to us about the project and what you need to do in order to become the next big thing!

AMBY: Hi Tom! Tell us about the NBT project.

TC: The idea is, we get a load of original artists to send us their stuff. We listen, and if we like we provide them with lots of things that are unobtainable for unsigned acts. Things like; radio exposure, national press exposure, recording facilities, video editing facilities and possibly most importantly in this day and age, top notch online marketing. All of this is free, and we will NEVER take a percentage of the bands money should they make it big. We’re doing this because we want to make it easier for original artists to break, so there will be more amazing music in the world for everyone. They have to pass our A&R teams approval first, but once they’re in, we’re a massive family. All out bands look after each other, we’re like a big co-op, after all we’re all in this for the same reasons!

AMBY: Explain who is involved in the project.

TC: Lots of exciting people! We’ve got some great ears on board, two very on the pulse A&R people, we’ve got the benefit of the next shining light in online marketing and PR at our disposal, we have our own in house photo studio for press shots and a video editor, an in house recording studio and complete with a great engineer, and a warehouse full of spare backline and instruments because we know what it’s like trying to gig when you can’t afford decent amps! All this is under one roof, everyone helps each other. It’s really amazing! At the business end we have one hell of a smart guy, Chris, who specialises in business development. His role is to make sure we make enough money that the whole thing can be sustained without us ever having to take any of the artists money. A bit like Factory Records back in the day, only we don’t intend to mess it all up! We also have the support of a huge national UK newspaper, and XFM are keen to get on board too, as well as some other key players like This Feeling, an Internet TV production and successful club night. People are falling over themselves to get involved!

AMBY: What type of acts can submit music?

TC: Any type! There’s room for all genres in music, that’s kind of our point, we think that radio is saturated by the same middle of the road rubbish, when there’s a massive amount of diverse music that goes un-championed! All we ask it that the music is original, we’re after people who write their own stuff. We believe that the future of new music lies in new songs, and that’s why we’re so interested in songwriters. We are after artists with initiative. We want to see that you’re on Twitter and Facebook and SoundCloud. It’s 2012. A CD in the post doesn’t cut it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I love my vinyl, I’ve got a nice little collection, but in this day and age in an industry driven by online stats we want to see that you understand that and are willing to play ball!

AMBY: Where do bands/artists send there submissions to?

TC: For now, tweet @NBT_group. Once they’ve followed you, you are on the list that the A&R guys are currently going through. They’re checking out EVERY SINGLE ONE! Then stay tuned, at some point we’ll ask all the artists for links to their SoundCloud. The whole process will take a while because of the sheer number of artists, but we’re determined to listen to everyone.

AMBY: Is there a website in the works?

TC: For now, social media seems to be cutting it just fine, but there will inevitably be a website at some point yes!

AMBY: What is the ultimate goal of the project?

TC: We want to change music in the mass media for the better. We want to re-address the balance and create more diversity amongst mainstream radio stations, TV and mass media.

AMBY: What type of support will there be from radio?

TC: Some radio stations will probably never get it. In the UK the publicly funded radio stations are entirely stats driven. We intend to get around that by building up such hype that the stats speak for themselves. XFM are already talking about playing the unsigned bands, and I’m sure there are more commercial radio stations that would love to get involved. Absolute are committed to great music, Kerrang are running unsigned band competitions currently, so there is interest, and we’re keen to work with digital, online and student radio stations too.

AMBY: How long can people expect to wait before they hear back from you?

TC: As I said, the sheer volume of artists means the process will be lengthy, but we are working tirelessly on this! I’d rather we take our time and listen to everyone and make sure we don’t miss the next big thing!


Feel free to contact A Music Blog, Yea? with your submissions as well. We’re starting a new segment titled NBT & AMBY’s Must Hear Submissions. Here we’ll be putting tracks we enjoy from your own bands! So in order to become part of the project yourself, follow us below and be sure to contact NBT & AMBY!




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NBT Website.

ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS: Please make sure you have a SoundCloud, Bandcamp or ReverbNation! We need to hear your music!

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