Gimme Your Answers 2: An Interview w/ The Subways

An Interview with Billy Lunn of The Subways!

There are many attributes of The Subways to admire. The one thing that’s always fascinated me about the band is how dynamic and madly energetic they are live. In fact, I still have not a clue how their vocalist Billy Lunn can jump so high! I remember the first time I caught a video of them, I simply thought “now that is pretty crazy.” I admire them for their kinetics, beautiful lyrics, and of course inspiring music. Billy graciously took the time to speak to AMBY about The Subways, their next album, music he loves and his new solo tour!

AMBY: Thanks for doing this interview Billy, we’ve been Subways fans since day one! What have you been up to lately?

Billy: We have just finished an amazing tour of nightclubs in the UK! The audiences were wonderful. It was a great way to finish off the year after a great festival season.

AMBY: The Subways put on an amazing and energy-packed concert. How would you describe the experience of seeing you live?

Billy: We just want to make sure that everyone has fun! We love to go crazy onstage, and we hope that everyone else goes crazy too!

AMBY: Have you started writing material for the next album?

Billy: I have started writing songs recently, and I’m having a lot of fun doing it. I’m also studying whilst I write the album, so hopefully this will influence and inspire me.

AMBY: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on stage?

Billy: The craziest thing ever was probably just off the stage, where I jumped from the first floor balcony in a venue in London. It was very dangerous, but great fun!

AMBY: How has your songwriting evolved over the three albums, and what influences you?

Billy: I have a rule to only write about what I know about, so all my songs are basically just about my life and experiences. Mostly I write songs after crazy evenings out with my friends!

AMBY: What’s your favourite lyric that you’ve written? I absolutely love the lyrics in Strawberry Blonde.

Billy: Thank you! I am very proud of that song! I have always liked the lyrics in All or Nothing, which go: “I’d like an option but I hate to choose”. It sounds so contrary!

AMBY: Is there something you’d like to do that you haven’t done yet?

Billy: I would love to skydive. I recently bungee jumped and it was the most amazing feeling, so I want to jump from the sky now!

AMBY: Which bands have you been listening to recently?

Billy: Future of the Left are my favourite band, but also The Dancers and Deftones.

AMBY: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang off the latest album Money and Celebrity is great song, what’s the story behind it?

Billy: Thank you! The song is about being in love with somebody that always drives you crazy. Even though they make your life hell, it makes you love them even more!

AMBY: What song is your guilty pleasure?

Billy: I love Kylie Minogue’s Get Outta My Way. I think that is a killer song!

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2012 so far?

Billy: Probably Gangnam Style! Haha!

AMBY:  And lastly, tell me something about you that nobody knows yet.

Billy: I can’t drive. I’ve never even had a single driving lesson!


Billy is also about to begin his own solo tour, so AMBY caught up with him on the exciting news!

AMBY: Tell us a little about the solo tour you are about to embark on.

Billy: Because I am writing the new album at the moment, I think it’ll be a good idea for me to go out and play songs onstage. I write all the music for The Subways, so it wouldn’t be necessary to have Charlotte or Josh there with me.

AMBY: Where will you be taking the tour and what type of venues will you be playing?

Billy: I will be playing quite small venues, but I think it will be nice to go back to the small clubs after playing to such large audiences over the summer. it will be a great chance to meet some of our UK fans!

AMBY: What type of material will you be doing?

Billy: I’ll be playing a mixture of our songs and cover songs. I recently went on twitter and asked what people would like me to play, and I think it’ll be fun if I make things very interactive!


You can check out his tour dates here, and definitely catch him live if you can because whether it’s full band or acoustic, a Subway always puts on a hell of a show! Their fantastic track Kiss Kiss Bang Bang off Money and Celebrity is a must hear, so take a listen to it below. And lastly, thank you so much Billy, for giving me your answers!


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