The Antics: Concert Review & Photos!

The Antics- The Sunflower Lounge 24/11/12

Saturday’s are what it’s all about yeah, well according to The Enemy’s Tom Clarke they are anyways and when a great band are in town I couldn’t agree more. So a two hundred mile round trip, I didn’t say my town, to see The Antics play Birmingham’s The Sunflower Lounge was in order for last Saturday night’s entertainment. Now anyone who’s caught a glimpse of these lads and girl will know exactly why this is justified it’s fair to say they’ve hooked us all in with their recent stint on The Enemy tour.

Whilst The Antics weren’t the headline act they certainly had the biggest crowd for their set and not just because front man Gaz Openshaw shouted at anyone daring to venture upstairs, their music speaks for itself. Whilst the crowd may have been a bit shy at first their cover of The Farm’s All Together Now certainly engages them and from there on in it’s clear to see why they’re called The Antics as the gig evolves into “absolute beautiful chaos.”

As talented as The Antics are they don’t take themselves too seriously they seem to be having a great time up there and why not they’re playing a monumental part in getting real music back on its feet. The intimate setting of the venue allows the band to really interact with the crowd to the point where Openshaw leaves the stage wandering into the crowd only to return via piggyback ousting previous band Thieves lead singer who had cheekily jumped onstage in his absence.

As the set draws to a close with future hit and personal favourite Higher it’s hard to believe they’ve dived straight on stage tonight’s without any real plan let alone a sound check, they really are that tight and if that’s what they call ropey I can’t wait to hear a fully rehearsed set.

* Note to self The Antics are quickly heading  towards becoming  the Next Big Thing they claim” if you want it come and get it” they certainly want it the difference between them and many other bands out there  they’ve most definitely got it. The only thing missing from this gig was the appearance of the Chinheads and their skills, maybe next time eh lads?!!

For an interview with Gaz Openshaw of The Antics, click here!

Fi Carroll aka @Dirtyroknroller

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