Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ The Boondock Hippy

Boondock HippyNow some of you know that I’m not a 60s child, so it’s extremely nice to come across music which channels that era. The Boondock Hippy is able to do exactly that- his music is vibrant and fresh. Run was the first song to hook me onto The Boondock Hippy; if you love well-written tracks where the verse flows perfectly into the chorus, then you’ve got to get onto this train. This is an artist people need to watch out for, so we spoke to the Hippy to see what’s new!

AMBY: Your EP Dylan’s Gold is great, and your debut album Life in the Slow Lane is available on iTunes! Which three tracks must everyone hear off it?

BH: …Tough one, Let me think. I’d have to say Run and Watchin the World from Dylan’s Gold and Toots Lemally from Life in the Slow Lane. The feedback is generally mixed though which songs are people’s favourite. However, that’s my 3, I would say.

AMBY: Your music has a very chill, surf-esque vibe to it. Is this an atmosphere you wanted your music to achieve or is there a bigger story/inspiration behind that?

BH: ….Yea I’d have to say that is exactly the kind of vibe we wanted to convey on the records. If u speak to people who know me, that’s my character in a nutshell, so It seemed like a fitting transition putting these personality traits into song(s). Our live shows are actually quite different though, much more loud and upbeat. However, we just wanted something a little more chilled for these recordings. The band are all very chilled, positive people so that is simply the story/the inspiration behind the music.

AMBY: I have to ask, where did the name Boondock Hippy come from?

BH: The 1st part of my name comes from one of my favourite films called “The Boondock Saints”. The saints are actually vigilantes, which may at first glance seem to contradict the latter part of my moniker, but they fight for what’s right. I’ll all about what’s right, me :)

The hippy part comes from the fact that I am a hippy through and through. My dad introduced me to the folk Heroes of the 60’s like Dylan, Hendrix, Canned Heat, The Rolling Stones, Zepplin etc when I was quite young, so I have always had a soft spot for that era. If u look at my music collection it’s pretty much full of 60’s music- bands who really had something to say, and at the time preached strong messages of peace and equality.

AMBY: There are a couple of tracks inspired by Level Films such as The Endless Winter. How did this come about?

BH: I watched the film a few months ago when it came out on TV here and was blown away by it. I surf myself(when I can) so I really could relate to the story. It documents the history of the UK surf scene quite beautifully, so it was not really a difficult process for me writing songs inspired by the film.

AMBY: Run is such a neat tune! What’s the story behind it?

BH: I wrote a film synopsis called Dylan’s Gold, which is the basis of the album; a soundtrack if you will. Dylan’s Gold is actually a greyhound owned by a chap called Dylan Byrne. & “The dog likes to run, make no mistake”. Dylan is inspired by his companion and actually takes to running himself. There’s Nothing quite like putting tunes in your ears, putting your hoodie up, stepping outside your front door and running fast!!! :)

AMBY: Who would your dream collaboration be with? .

BH: Rolling Stones, no Question. Cosmo Jarvis is a contemporary artists I really admire too, so I’d have to say him as well.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2012?

BH: I would have to say The Lumineers- Hey Ho. It’s a work of simplistic genius.

AMBY: What’s something about the Boondock Hippy that nobody knows yet?

BH: We have a music vid coming out at the beginning of next year. Watch this space ;)


For links to Life in the Slow Lane and Dylan’s Gold, click here. We hope the best for you in 2013 Hippy, thanks for giving us your answers!

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