Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ We Are Augustines

We Are AugustinesYou know you’ve come across an amazing band when you can hear their music on repeat and never get sick of it. When We Are Augustines come on, the band not only gets stuck in your mind, but their melodies do, and then rhythms, and when the lyrics finally spiral around together with those elements, they have the ability to bring you into a world of harmonic bliss! The first track I heard by them did exactly that, put me at peace and made me fall in love with their sound. So let’s take our love for their music even further by seeing what this Brooklyn trio have been up to lately!

AMBY: Hello We Are Augustines! Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. What have you been up to lately?

WAA: Thank you. We are just writing away working on our new material waiting for the snow to melt.

AMBY: Which three We Are Augustines tracks must be on everyone’s player?

WAA: I really couldn’t give you an Augustines essential listening list, because we all have our own favorites for different reasons!

AMBY: “Tear up the photograph, ’cause it’s a bright blue sky.” is such a powerful and stand-out lyric in Chapel Song. What’s the overall message behind it?

WAA: I like to leave the lyrics up for other peoples interpretation really. But I would say that line is speaking about moving forward finally and trying to move on.

AMBY: Speaking of Chapel Song, it’s nearing 1, 000, 000 YouTube hits- congrats! With the success of that track, how would you describe success for yourselves as a band?

WAA: Well strangely it’s very grounding. You’d think we’d be doing backflips in celebration of this stuff all starting to take shape, but it’s more of a silent nod and an inner excitement that our art has never let us down, quite the opposite, you only get back what you put into it. Very proud.

AMBY: What’s your most memorable moment you’ve had while touring?

WAA: Wow. Outside of the obvious locations to be moved by, the accents and languages… I’d say seeing people sing your songs back to you is pretty magical.

AMBY: How would you compare British audiences to North American ones?

WAA: I actually notice a broader age range in the UK. The excitement seems to be a little higher atmospherically speaking. People are very present and ready to enjoy the show!

Very interestingly  I had no idea about the curfew restrictions for headlining bands in the UK. Id never seen it before playing there. There is great things about both places.. In North America when you headline, there generally is a wide open block of time to play what you want. So maybe the audiences are geared a bit towards longer performances. I adore both places.

AMBY: If you were to cover any song, which would it be any why?

WAA: Been trying to cover a song in Spanish by Simon Diaz, called Tonada Luna llena with Eric. I think it’s breathtaking and touches a different part of us than other songs.

AMBY: If you could create a law that everyone would have to follow, what would it be?

WAA: In my country it would be removing firearms. There is something really wrong here.  Most countries suffer 5 to 10 deaths a year by guns. The UK was 58 last year. The USA is close to 31,940. Any pro firearm American needs to look at that.  Ive travelled a lot. And when i think of how people view us here on this topic it’s really embarrassing ..that we have a strong , very loud and proud voice in this country that supports the right to bear arms.

Hey here is an idea. Maybe gun owners should be required to obtain a passport and perhaps visit another country or two (gasp!)   before they own a semi automatic weapon. Maybe they’d see how and why the majority of  the rest of the world chooses to not allow its citizens to own guns. These recent schoolyard shootings here have obviously brought this ugly topic back up. So awful.

AMBY: If you were a heavy metal band who would you be and why?

WAA: I think it’d save $$ on laundry and haircuts :) plus spandex looks comfortable. Leopard skin is a pretty nice look at times.

AMBY: Who do you wish would just go away?

WAA: Ted Nugent, Fox News.

AMBY: What is the best song of 2012?

WAA: Couldn’t even say. I think we listened to last years records a lot. Jonsi and Charles Bradley.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about We Are Augustines that nobody knows yet?

WAA: That we don’t know yet either!


Lend an ear to We Are Augustines’ brilliant song Chapel Song if you’ve yet to hear it. And thank you so much We Are Augustines, for giving me your answers!


Alicia Atout

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