Looking back on the year 2012, it was a year full of great memories, wonderful company, and  of musical exploration. Discovering new bands and re-kindling my love for older ones, it was filled with amazing records and shows.  Looking back at my playlists, I revelled in the multitude of music with bands from around the world including favourites from my hometown and from across the globe. Upon looking closely, however, I noticed a pattern; many of the bands that I indulged in were Canadian.  Given that I enjoy a vast array of music covering many countries, I never really noticed the extent to which I tend to dabbled in the local scene.  Going to concerts frequently in Toronto, I realized just how many local Canadian bands there were to discover.  With my name being embedded in CaNADIAn, it only made sense to run with fate and share the sounds and spirit of Canada.

Nadia Kaakati

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