Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Apollo Junction

Apollo JunctionApollo Junction are a passionate and cheeky band who display their personalities in their music perfectly. They are able to capture themselves between witty lyrics and songs that will keep you dancing for hours. To see what this energetic band has been up to, we spoke to them about doing The Robot, doing The Saturdays and much more! So take a read at this very comical and splendid interview with Apollo Junction!

AMBY: Hello there Apollo Junction! What’s the group been up to lately?

Apollo Junction: We’ve been really busy lately with lots going on, we are getting ready for a small tour with a few gigs and we’re playing in London a fair few times as well! We also try to continuously record as well, we like to never be too far away from having new songs recorded and ready to go. We are very prolific like that. Most amazingly is we have been busy listening to BBC 6 playing us, we cannot describe the honour it is to hear your track coming out the radio. Makes us think back to when we were kids listening, waiting for our favourite tracks to come on, now we wait for our tracks. Incredible!

AMBY: Your band’s music is super energetic, electronic and electrifying! Congrats on the three Es! Where did this distinct sound come from?

Apollo Junction: The sound grew out of our continuous fight to play things the way we think it should sound; we all have very different ideas and loves of different bands, throw all these influences in the mix and the rather thumping electronic indie sound came banging out. We know what we like and we know only us can make this sound!

Each member brings something that the band cannot do without:

Ben’s – bass lines are a phenomenon once he got lost in an old cd stall in Camden market bought a Reggie CD learnt to play every track on it that day. We honestly believe when you talk about the greats (Entwistle and McCartney) his bass lines really can stand up against them.

Jonny- Our drummer is the driving force behind the band really, he is obsessed with pushing our sound to stay ahead of the game. He goes to strange gigs just to see what the sound is like. He even went to Jessie J just to see what the noise was like… terrible as expected!

Matt- Wears his influences on his guitar playing sleeve his quote ‘Harrison could’ve played guitar for Guns & Roses, Slash would have ruined The Beatles. Less is more sometimes’ (We think he may still be trying to learn the riff to Sweet Child o Mine).

Sam- He is the lad who explains what key we are in his understanding of music is amazing and he writes riffs that knock down walls when he wants to, annoying he can play everyone’s instruments as well as tell us what we are doing wrong.

Jamie- Writes melodies that make songs into singles the band will jam he will stand there close his eyes sing the best melodies (with the worst words) then off we go writing the song.

AMBY: How did the band’s name come to be?

Apollo Junction: The group was formed late in 2011 when we were in a pub called The Junction discussing our favourite Rocky film and the plight of our musical careers. We all knew each other from other bands and some of us had played together previously. A group of girls approached us and asked if we were in a band. We handed out roles and Jamie replied saying ‘we’re The Apollo Junction. We decided to jam wrote a couple of songs and dropped the ‘The’.

AMBY: Here Come the Zombies is a rad track. Where did the idea for the song originate?

Apollo Junction: Firstly thanks we are very proud of our music and whenever you hear someone likes it is very touching. So this is the story we went on a street city game which involved been chased by zombies, sounds crazy and it really was! At the end of it all we had a few drinks and Matt was adamant we wrote a song about Zombies this led to the title of the song. So we had a title but no music, Ben walked in with a bass line and said it should be in soundtrack to the end of the world. We then discussed that modern pop stars are bred to be brainless zombies anyway! We were laughing it would be easier for us to get on the radio if Sam woke up next to a celebrity rather than wrote a great song. Lyrics just flowed from there….

AMBY: What’s something you’d like to do that you haven’t done yet?

Apollo Junction: The Saturdays…

AMBY: What song could you live without ever hearing again?

Apollo Junction: Loads of songs, the modern pop scene is so dull. But for overall songs to banish to room 101 Sweet Home Alabama every covers band seems to think it needs playing. It’s totally ruined the song.

AMBY: Your music is pretty danceable. If you could only do one dance move the rest of your life, what would it be?

Apollo Junction: The Robot. No debate…..or invent our own dance the Zombie.

AMBY: What does the future hold Apollo Junction?

Apollo Junction: We are going to learn to play Sweet Home Alabama and dance the Robot.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2012?

Apollo Junction: Was there one? Big hits were Gangnam Style which did things this year on YouTube that took everyone by surprise really. Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia (not sure it was that great) Sadly it’s been a poor year for music Vaccines did some good stuff on the second album so did Two Door but no one cared as much as maybe they should. Spector had a good year, saw them live and they were pretty great.

Song of the year…… Follow the link:

AMBY: And last but not least, what’s something about the band that nobody knows? …Yet!

Apollo Junction: Well seeing as Ben still doesn’t know about how the band takes their drinks we may as well put it in writing.

Jamie: Coffee White.

Matt: Tea tiny bit of milk.

Sam: Tea White.

Ben: Coffee White with one sugar.

Jonny: Tea White.

Apollo Junction: Hope you are reading this Ben ’cause we are considering tattooing it on the inside of your hand!!!


You need to hear Apollo Junction’s crazy song Here Come the Zombies. It’s such a unique and cool track, so get on it below! And thank you very much Apollo Junction, for giving me your answers!

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