You’ve Got to Hear This: “Grey Kingdom”

Sometimes we have hectic days where everything seems hectic and on the go; spiraling, hustling and bustling.  On days like those I find the best remedy usually to be a deep breath combined with a playlist filled with songs that calm the soul.  Whether you are looking to relax, take a step back or simply enjoy some lovely Canadian music, then you’ll want to have a listen to Grey Kingdom.

Based in Welland, Ontario, Spencer Burton creates music which simultaneously soothes and stirs.  With each track telling a story, the music is lovely while also being beautifully haunting.  Having fallen in love with their 2012 EP The Weeping Suns, I anxiously awaited their 2013 release Light, I’ll Call Your Name Out Darkness.  Being a huge fan of music which evokes imagery of wilderness and wandering, I naturally fell in love with all 11 tracks.  The album blends echoing vocals, crisp melodies and folky guitar to create something mystical.

Looking for a new remedy to heal the stress of your day? Then check out Grey Kingdom on Bandcamp where you can relax to their discography.  I suggest starting with their newest record, Blue Bird and Immense Failure are personal favourites.  Don’t forget to also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay posted.

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Nadia Kaakati

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