Let Me Introduce You To… Townhouse

Hello everyone on AMBY. I’m Jack Skey and I live in London, my blog is Towers Music. I would be honoured to introduce my friend Sam’s band Townhouse.


Townhouse’s second ever gig was on Thursday 17/01/13 at the infinitely cool Boogaloo pub in north London. I say infinitely cool because it’s the place where The Libertines reunited in 2010, there’s a roof over the bar and they have a jukebox, what more do you want? Oh yeah and Alex Zane turned up to see the band play.

Cassidy Hansen, drums, and Sam Van Stroud, bass guitar, were led by energetic frontman Joel Burton and kicked off the night with their unique blend of good old guitar based rock’n roll combined with various influences spanning many decades. Not One Care was the first track that caught my ear, lazy yet sharp chords reminiscent of Marquee Moon by Television and Burton’s calm voice slightly drowned out by his own guitar. Half way through you hear another influence charge through as he shouts “I beg you come back to earth with all the boundless mirth of a mother fucking aligatahhh” tailing off in a screech at the end of the line. Next up was a foot stomping rock song with a tasty guitar solo, fast becoming a trademark of the band, called I Danced Down.

The Runner is another variant of their style, the low-fi bass and tapping cymbals give it an edgy feel, enhanced by Burton’s shouting chorus before the song erupts into a get-up-off-your-arse-and-dance-around solo. The next song, Celebrated Vacancy was introduced; “This one’s a bit of a fan favourite, well…Nick likes it” says Joel, Nick enjoyed his moment in the spotlight. It starts off with a nice rolling drum beat and just as the guitar comes in, it drops, the kind of hook you would expect from Orlando Weeks of The Maccabees, not a 17 year old school kid. Vocals don’t match the edginess of the song but the strained repetition of “Ce-le-bray-ted Vacancy” works well. Later on both Burton and Van Stroud’s guitars stop for a well-earned tom-tom and bongo drum session, giving the song an surprising new layer.

Following this song would be a hard act for most, except Bob Marley; the band covered Is This Love putting an excellent rock’n roll twist and giving the crowd a nice sing-a-long before breaking into a wonderful instrumental. The admission that Wolf Pack was to be their last song was met with boos but what a way to end it. “There’s a wolf pack coming after your tracks you better run rabbit run, run rabbit run” was the excellent line that will be remembered by most.

For a band that have only been together for 4 months their arrangement is tidy and their playing faultless, remember the name. British TV presenter and radio DJ Alex Zane said to them after that he had “been to thousands of sh*tty gigs, but you guys are going to f*cking make it.”

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Jack Skey

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