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DSC_0274Photo Credits: Lee Bull/ @LeeBully

Shed Seven and The Antics at Parr Hall Warrington had to be one of my highlights of last year. I went on my own to this gig, I had tweeted Gaz about meeting him at the gig so I could pass on some CD’s of The ClockTower so he and Tom of The enemy could have a listen too for The NBT Group, I’d sort of arranged to meet Gaz in Parr Hall. I’d also been tweeting the band members about where is best to get a beer before the gig, they told me where to go I found it but it was closed So I decided to walk back to the venue to see if there were any bars nearby when I met Matty the drummer outside who recognised me and we had a chat about the gig, he went back in and said he would tell Gaz I was here. Gaz came out and shook my hand and we had a chat and I handed him the two Clocktower CD’s. He asked if I would like to come for a beer with the band after they had soundchecked.

So I hung around the venue for a while when Rick Witter and all of Shed Seven walked out ! most of the band went off for a meal but Rick stayed and I had a chat with him and a photo which made my day. Rick was saying one of the lads who has been with them since day one Stan was in hospital and was going to miss the gig. I filmed most of the gig on my mobile and posted most of the films on my YouTube channel, I notice about a week later I had a few comments asking if I had managed to film the shout out Rick did during the gig, I had a look through what I hadn’t posted and found most of the shout out. I replied to the person who made the comments and it turned out to be Stan, so I sent him a copy of it, I think it made his day as he said I owe you a big thanks and if you ever want tickets or anything to do with Shed Seven I will sort them out for you.

Once The Antics had sound checked they came out and we all went to the pub for a beer, it was a great experience to be with the band listening and chatting about the gig and music and some of the things they got up to on the road (not to be told here), beers finished we walked back to the venue where Chris had put me on the Guest list so I could get to the front as I only had a ticket for the balcony but I prefer to be right at the front.

I can honestly say they are the most friendliest bands I’ve met, not only do they take their time to talk to their fans, they have a great sound work hard and are destined for big things.


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Alicia Atout

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