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Bent Cousinbentcousin are young, brash and most importantly talented. The London duo comprised of twins Patrick and Amelia Innit are an exhilarating act that will fixate you with their honest opinions and infectious music. With their debut EP Everybody’s Got One set for release on February 19th , we were champing at the bit to talk to the twinz!

bentcousin: Thank you for letting us enter your quiz. We have entered two teams.

Team A: Patrick and Amelia from the popular music band BENTCOUSIN.
Team B:  Roof, our good friend from Lincoln which is the capital of Wales in Scotland and Benton, a plumber who was fixing our plumbs.

AMBY: How would you describe bentcousin’s sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Team A: Jesus and Marys love making music.  Imagine if the Osmonds and The Partridge family had a joint urban tea party and started skankin with The Marmalade.

Team B: The sound of one foot clapping.  quirky cute, bent as fuck, and too much bastard swearing.

AMBY: You are about to release your EP, Everybody’s Got One. What was the recording process like?

Team A:  A lot of fun, and talking about hearsay, they were my favourite band, i played piano on their hit track pure and simple. Pretty bipolar which is exciting.  One minute you’re having a rehearsal in a stinky studio with sticky floors and improvising Gary Glitter songs in the outro of every bentcousin song, and the next you’re at the recording studio and Pat’s pale and panicking at the microphone because he’s forgotten the words.  Pat is a scaredy cat.

Team B: BentMagic was made. it very very quick, the whole thing was recorded in less that 8 hours. it meant spending time with pat, and with his praying habits that gets hard to deal with

AMBY: I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You is a fine song, what is the story behind it?

Team A: Amelia saw her mate eat all his girlfriends 20 chicken mcnuggets when she went to the toilet in the Eastbourne mcdonalds, she was so vexxed by this she wrote this scathing song, but sang it nicely so it bamboozles listeners, morrissey said it was the most bitter and twisted song he’d ever heard, but he is a twunt. Our Uncle went to his school reunion and no one had anything to say apart from “You remember Alan Darling?  Well he’s a Rasta!”.

Team B: It’s about a boy who breeds rabbits and then finds out his best friend is a carpet.  let’s face it everyone prefers the girlfriend- especially if they’ve got a fine arse

AMBY: If you were a heavy metal band whom would you be?

Team A:  I would be Amelia, and she would be Fintan, and Fintan would be Judas. and sell me out for 14 fish fingers.  I’d start up a brand nu (has to be spelt like this) called Spoonz where we all played spoons.  Really heavy ones.

Team B: Probably One Direction or Venom.  Definitely The Beatles how heavy can you get.

AMBY: What were the last three albums you bought?

Team A: A1- back catalogue, Bowie- Platinum Collection, R Kelly- Trapped in the Closet. I found the first Spice Girls album in a charity shop and when I got home I found out that it had the SECOND album cd in it too!  And Wham’s greatest hits from Asda.

Team B: Ella Fitzgerald, Can and The Nolans. favourite noise, some 80s shit and Disney, and the Ruth, Harlee and Walt song by BC.

AMBY: What does the band have planned for 2013?

Team A: Well Amelia is sacking us off for the states soon, and i have to pout in more hours at the ferret sanctuary, so probably more healthy ferrets and Amelia becoming Americanist.  We’ve got our debut EP, Everybody’s Got One coming atcha along with our record launches on 14th and 15th Feb in Brighton and London.  We’re also playing Meadowlands Festival on 26th May and potentially my sisters wedding.  It wouldn’t be a family affair without the bentcousins, know what I’m saying?

Team B: We want to make a triple album of straight edge dark glam anthems – and a tribute album to the SawLady.  just carry on being cunts really.

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with?

Team A: Lil Wayne. David Bowie.  I wouldn’t even make him wear a catsuit.  I could wear it for him.

Team B: Buddy Holly, Curtis Mayfield and the SawLady. Madness duh.

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Team A:  The Heartbreaks, Boy George, Wham, Lil Wayne, David Bowie, and us, we rule.  A lot of 80s pop and 70s disco.  I found my old MP3 in an old bag covered in nail polish and it’s got all the hits.

Team B: Guy Debord – he told me Raoul Vaneigem was a cunt. Does Disney count as an artist.

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would you choose?

Team A: Mario Balotelli, Danny Guthrie, Phil Neville. I’d get three hungry looking people who I find near my house and invite them in.  Nothing worse than people leaving your food.

Team B: Hilter in 1934,  I’d poison the cunt – and Chas & Dave for a bit of a knees up afterwards.  Walt Disney, Buzz Lightyear, Pingu.

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

Team A: Playing more gigs, and having a CD come out, it’s pretty cool. Ruling even more than last year.  I’m off to New York for three months to eat lots of bagels and invade every corner before ultimately ending up hungry and cold on a street corner, selling bentcousin cds from 3 legged table. I’m planning to be at Wall Street first.  Come and find me.

Team B: New Years Eve. And Mike Chapman producing our next record – PLEAASSEEE!!!  It’s an odd number. I fucking hate even numbers.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about bentcousin that nobody knows yet?

Team A: Our uncle was the original head in art attack. We’re going to be the next Wham.

Team B: We don’t breath.  we are invincible, good luck tryna get rid of us. Our record label is owned by Paul Simon whose biggest hit Bright Eyes was number one when our Aunt had her first sex change.

Who won? What’s our present??


Listen to bentcousin’s I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You below! And of course, thank you so much bentcousin, for giving us your hilarious answers!

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