Sunday, February 3rd, 2013: Favourites, Friends & Findings

Last DinosaursGood afternoon! After debating a theme for today’s playlist, I figured why not just use the bands I’ve recently listened to? Here are some AMBY favourites, some AMBY friends and some new bands we’ve fallen in love with. Take a look at these brilliant songs, and enjoy!

We found music cause somewhere in our heads, something went wrong this is where we belong.” –Andy by Last Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs- Andy
Bitter Strings- Harboured
The Jungle Giants- She’s a Riot
Lunchband- Beach Song
The Capulets- I Won’t Go
Jungle Doctors- Fugitives
Incan Abraham- Third Man
Dutch Uncles- Flexxin
The Frequency- Run With You
Cayucas- Cayucos

Alicia Atout

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