Kodaline: Concert Review!

KodalineKodaline @ Mercury Lounge Thursday January 31st, 2013

Kodaline is not the next Coldplay. They are not the next U2. Last Thursday at 8:37 pm, they carved their own path known as Kodaline.

These lads brought out a mixture of industry looky loos, young beautiful girls swooning over the emotional outpouring of these handsome young lads expressing feelings, and couples who were connecting to where they are in their relationships.

What I was certainly happy to see in this crowd were all the men, both local Irish lads, and the ones from Swords who were front and center to see them. Kodaline are up there with Flogging Molly, Young Dubliners, and other Celtic bands that mix the traditional Irish Folk structure of love, drinking, and living with today’s rock.

The band came out to a half timid, half rowdy of a packed room.  Signs of having to woo over part of the room and to acknowledge their fan base to already woo’d part. After a quick introduction since they were quite late, they started with “Lose Your Mind.”  This song is very 60’s Beatles-esque and trippy. The crowd did not lose one word or note as soon as Lead Singer Steve Garrigan started singing. As soon as the chorus hit, the entire room sang at the top of their lungs in what seemed like perfect harmony “Ohhh I am dreaming of a world with you”. This was just the first chorus, of the first song, of the first concert in NYC. Even the jaded industry in the front and back of me put down their cameras, put down their Martinis, stopped texting, and watched.

In between songs they had to take some ribbing from their very loyal fans up front who also sang along and stomped their feet and hugged each other to balance it out. When they played “High Hopes” which the just released video plays on the emotional lyrics of lost love, the desperate feelings after it is gone, and the resolution of finding love again. You could look around and see everyone in this pensive moment. The power of love just resonating as lead singer Steve Garrigan singing so convincing it even forced me to search my mind for every moment of clarity after lost love.

Vinny on the drums, simply rocked. I appreciate a drummer who can ramped it up but not overpower a room like Mercury Lounge. He surely brought in a bed of heartbeats with this kind of emotional pull.  Mark on strings and Jason on bass on opposites sides of the stage were these strong pillars of sound. Not once did I notice them not complementing each other.

For the finale, I completely lost myself in these boys on stage, and also the lads up front during “All I Want.” I broke my boot heel from stomping on the ground, singing at the top of my lungs and hugging everyone around me.  This is what a live show is supposed to be. Not a connection with just the band, but also one another.

Their bio is right, they are about honesty. You can find it within their music, and I found it in their live performance. These young gentlemen have so much more in store, I am proud to say I was there in the beginning.

If you are broken hearted, if you are love, if you are yearning for a few moments of losing your mind; I suggest Kodaline. Their EP “A Perfect World” comes out and you can reserve it now.


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