Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ ScenicLife

ScenicLife colour 2ScenicLife’s music carries a whole lot of soul and passion. With little touches like exciting, backing vocals throughout choruses and compelling middle-eights, ScenicLife are kicking ass. And I bet if you had a listen to the band right now, you’d feel Just the Same admiration for their music. To catch up with the group, ScenicLife’s frontman Lawrence Bray took the time to speak with AMBY about favourite lyrics, dream gigs and a whole lot of Noel Gallagher!

AMBY: Hello there ScenicLife! Introduce yourselves to us all; what’s a word for each band member that describes their personality?

ScenicLife: Hi I’m Lawrence, I’m the Singer/Guitarist. Umm, one word to describe each band member, ok….. Alex – Perfectionist, Matteo – Genuine

Hi I’m Alex, bassist. I’d say Lawrence – Extrovert, Matteo – Mad

And I’m Matteo, drummer.  Well, Lawrence – Rebel, Alex – deep thinker

AMBY: Just the Same is such a catchy song! What’s next for the band as far as recording goes?

Lawrence:  Well we’re saving this year to go into the studio and put a new EP out, Matteo’s drums are far more energetic than the previous drummers and it gives a new and improved edge to the bands dynamic which is great. When we recorded Just The Same we didn’t have any knowledge of recording techniques etc so we used it a lot as a learning curve so next time we’re in the studio we’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on and hopefully the beast will be unleashed on all your ears!!!!

AMBY: Where did the name ScenicLife come from? It’s unique, especially with the two words beside one another.

Lawrence:   Yeah, we think it looks cooler than the name written in 2 words….admit it, it does!   But the name came before either Alex or Matteo were in ScenicLife, I was on the phone to the previous band members and we were racking our brains to think of a name (it’s harder than you think) and by the end of the call we had ScenicLife, where it came from and who came up with it I don’t know but it worked and yeah we think its pretty cool.

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with? And where would it be?

Lawrence:  Ah man, there are loads, Pete Townsend, Kelly Jones, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher …any of them.   I would say people like Jimi Hendrix but looking past the fact he’s dead I think it would turn into the Jimi Hendrix show because he was so good.  He’d just out class everyone but saying that, it would be fucking immense.  When we’re big enough we’ll ask all of them. I’ve got it all sorted out in my head, even the psychic to get Jimi back…we’ll just give her a guitar and let Jimi play through her, knowing Jimi he’ll probably want to have a go on her too. The poor psychic’s won’t know what’s hit her!!  Where would it all take place?  The Royal Albert Hall.

AMBY: What’s your favorite ScenicLife lyric and why?

Lawrence:  I don’t know if I have a favourite lyric by itself, more the story behind the song and thus would have to say ‘Where’s She Gone’. I was playing at a bar in Euston before ScenicLife was around so mid 2011. Anyway so the guy playing before me was on stage, he sat on the stool like a right girl, proper nancy boy. He wasn’t very good but his posh snobby family and friends were all giving it large for him in a sort of English middle/upper class way. All my family and mates were there and watched his set. We’re considerate to other bands and support live music in general (even if they do sit on a stool like a girl desperate for the toilet). Anyway he finished and I got up on stage to start my set. By the 1st note they had all got up and moved to the back of the room and were persistent in talking the whole way through my set. So the lyrics are about that;

So go on,

Stand up, sing your perfect song,

To the little girl there at the back of the room,

So go on,

Stand up, yeah and make it work,

before you know, she’s gone

Where’s she gone,

Where’s she gone again,

As the words go round my brain,

And the blood pumps through my veins,

Where’s she gone,

Oh she’s done it again,

Last time she did the same,

Who am I gonna blame!

So as you can see once the story is told the lyrics become sort of self-explanatory. Oh and by the way we’ll be putting this one on the next EP J so listen out for it nancy boy!!

AMBY: Tell us about the first concert you attended and what the experience was like.

Lawrence:  The first proper concert I went to was to see The Who at Wembley Arena. It was fucking superb. I’ll never forget the beginning, all the lights went off and a spot light shone down on Pete Townsend and then he just shouted out ‘THIS IS HOW WE FUCK SHIRLEY BASSEY’ and went straight into The Seeker!! Proper Rock ‘n’ Roll

AMBY: Blunt question moment! Who do you wish would just go away?

Lawrence:  All these really boring nothing bands that seem to be on TV all the time, they have nothing to say, nothing to make you feel, nothing to stir up, nothing! I mean I could say I want X Factor to go away but then its not music is it, its entertainment for 11 year old kids and to give people with upside down faces a chance of talking to a few birds!   Haha. I think it’s on its way out anyway. So yeah, bands that have nothing to say, they actually offend me in their boringness. I just think, put that guitar down and go and do some accounting or admin or something!!

AMBY: What’s the best part about being in ScenicLife? What’s the worst?

Lawrence:  Umm, worst part. There isn’t really anything bad about being in the band, just things that I can’t control annoy me the most like an amp blowing on stage or a pedal cutting out.  Fortunately it’s only happened twice in 60 odd gigs but its still fucking rubbish when it does.

The best part.  Playing a packed house and just everything that goes with it, especially if I know my voice is really on form. I could carry on all night J.

AMBY: What’s the best song of 2012?

Lawrence:  Rolling Stones- Doom and Gloom. I would say ‘Just The Same’ but I don’t think I’m allowed ;-)

AMBY: And for our last question, what’s something about ScenicLife that nobody knows yet?

Lawrence:  Oh I don’t think there is anything. Maybe one of the other guys could think of something on that but there are a few strange coincidental similarities between me and Noel Gallagher haha these are all facts though, I’m not trying to say anything else…I know what people can be like! haha

1-      His date of birth is on the 29th of the month as is mine.

2-      He was born in 1967, I was born in 1987

3-      We both have Irish blood and the county his Irish family are from is Co. Mayo. My Irish side of the family are from Co. Mayo.

4-      He has a younger brother called Liam Jonathon Gallagher, I have a younger brother called Liam Jonathon Bray

5-      We both started our band when we were 23 J

6-      We both write and play guitar for the respective bands


Listen to ScenicLife’s Just the Same below, and thank you very much ScenicLife, for giving me your answers!

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