Let Me Introduce You To… Malavera

MalaveraAfter getting a follow from Malavera on Twitter, I checked out their demo and was pleasantly surprised. They’re a five-man band from Buenos Eros Argentina, and put out a demo called Malavera: demos.

The Sex Scene is the first of the ten songs, with a total post-punk vibe, almost channeling Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures (and if the song isn’t a clear enough connection, take a look at the demo’s cover). It’s compulsively listenable, especially with vocalist Freddy Guazzone di Passalacqua rolling his R’s and nearly transgressing into another language. It takes a few listens before you can explicate the lyrics, but it’s worth unearthing the simple and sharp lines, like “Friends don’t care I’m vicious / Friends don’t make me precious.”

The demo slows down with Happiness, keeping the post-punk vibe, but softening Passalacqua’s voice, while Fat Buda adds in some pop, though it doesn’t sound as neatly composed as other tracks, with the dubbed vocals coming across a little sloppy.

The final song, Writing on the Wall, is slowed down and Strokes-esque, with Passalacqua’s voice clear, making me almost miss the ambiguity and energy of The Sex Scene. Still, the progression from post-punk to folksy-alt is nicely done, and at the end of the 38 minutes, you’re ready for a re-listen.

Check out their site to download the demo for free, or to buy their singles.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aHDNTQnFu4?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360]

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