Five Favourite Fab Gigs: We Are Augustines

Photo by Jiamin Xu
Photo by Jiamin Xu

We Are Augustines are a band AMBY will never tire of. After our interview with them, I found myself listening to their album Rise Ye Sunken Ships far more often which resulted in completely falling in love with it. Hearing how this Brooklyn trio rock their concerts really put We Are Augustines on my list of bands to see live. Alas, we must wait until this fantastic group passes through Toronto, so to fill the void we spoke with the band’s Rob Allen to find out what his five favourite fab gigs are!


4/14/12 and 4/21/12 – Coachella – Main Stage

This was quite an honor to be invited to play the Main Stage at Coachella on our first real US festival run. We were on early and it was averaging 105 degrees over the two weekends that we played. I do remember the the 2nd weekend being much hotter though. Still, people were out and we had a good sized crowd. It was a wonderful experience. We got to meet some of our heroes too which was a plus.

5/17/12 – Hamburg – Kulturhaus 73

So we turned up to this little club in Hamburg. It looked like your typical rock club. This was our first headlining tour in Germany and only the 2nd time back to Hamburg (The first was supporting The Maccabees). We really didn’t know what to expect. Come stage time, the place was over capacity, like sardines in a tin can! I absolutely loved that show, the crowd was literally on the stage and they new the words to the songs! An incredible feeling.

7/7/12 – T in the Park, Scotland

It was a rainy day, muddy as hell yet the vibe and the spirit of the place was electric. We came out on stage, and up to this point, we had been getting good exposure on British radio and the crowd was exceptional. Again, everyone knowing the words, jumping up and down, reacting to our music in such a positive way. There aren’t many festivals around like T in the Park. A good excuse to get the wellies out.

8/24/12 – Reading Festival

This was the first time I ever saw a large group of fans jump up and down to our music. The roar that we received was astounding, and totally unexpected. The tent was full and really acted as a boost for us. There does seem to be a pattern forming here. I guess it’s safe to say I’m a big fan of festivals. We even had inflatable balls bouncing around in the crowd. Great memories…

10/1/12 – London – Shepherds Bush Empire

When our manager suggested that we play at Shepherds Bush Empire, we had literally just played Dingwalls, so you can imagine our surprise. It was an exciting challenge, and being a Londoner, having the opportunity to headline SBE would be a dream come true. The biggest achievement was selling out the venue.  I’ll never forget that night!  We had such an incredible crowd and the love they showed towards us was just spine tingling. It was a great show and to top it off we invited all the crew, support acts, etc. on stage for our last song, and everyone was on their feet.  It felt like the last scene in the Blues Brothers movie!  A very proud moment for all of us.


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