Five Favourite Fab Gigs: The Chapman Family

The Chapman FamilyWith the release of their latest, outstanding single Adult and a UK tour currently on the map, The Chapman Family have been quite the busy bunch! Playing all these shows made AMBY wonder “which are their favourites?” So to answer our question, all members of The Chapman Family took the time to tell AMBY about their five favourite fab gigs!


This gig was fucking insane. We were about half way through the tour so the set had gotten to a point where we could play it inside out and upside down blindfolded on ketamine. We went out onstage and laid waste to the whole fucking place. It was probably the most aggressive I’ve ever felt onstage and we played like we were stepping up for a war. We were the total under dogs on the tour and most nights we played just after doors opened and had to battle to gain any respect. We had been listening to I Get Wet by Andrew WK for about 8 hours solid before stage time so we were pretty fucking pumped when we walked out. We smashed our shit to kindling during the show and half of it was still onstage when Heartbreak went on two bands later.


I would say my favourite gig so far was when we played Freiburg in Germany last October. It was my first experience of touring outside the UK. The owner just kept plying us with strong German lager to the point that I can’t remember much after playing. I’m still not sure how me and Pop made it back to the hotel. The venue was totally rammed and everything just went right. The fact I couldn’t remember the way back to the venue in the morning even though I’d managed it when I was hammered still remains the biggest mystery of the tour.


We somehow managed to get all of our gear onto a stage not much bigger than a beer mat  Pop and Owen managed to break practically all of their guitars during the set which ended with Pop sat on a stool onstage by the last song. Should really have been a nightmare but ended up great fun and a resounding success. It was my second gig as a Chapman. I celebrated a little too much afterwards, tripped down a couple of stairs and had to be put to bed.


My favourite gig with the band so far has to be our performance at the HowTheLightGetsIn philosophy and music festival held in a little remote countryside village in Hay-On-Wye. The festival site itself was so small that the majority of the venues (by this I mean lavish tents) were all situated on the top of a hill. We performed on one of the evenings in front of a huge backdrop that had been painted over the course of the day by our close friend and world renowned artist Stella Vine. The whole idea was kind of an interdisciplinary theme where the painting (a portrait of Princess Diana against a flame engulfed London) complemented our performance and music. Consequently – under strict rules enforcing us to be as toned down as possible so that we didn’t disturb the locals in the village – us being us we ended up blowing the whole sound system and electricity on site after the first song. However, even after all the technical glitches and the constant nagging from sound engineers telling us to “turn down”, we had a great time and the whole experience was magical.


I’ve picked the last show we played as my favourite ever gig for a few reasons. Firstly, we were bloody good that night. Secondly, the gig was in my hometown so I could easily walk home afterwards. Thirdly, Ku Bar was the place where we had our very first gig at the bottom of a bill in 2006 so it means a lot to me to come back and headline the same place at Christmas. Finally we are a very forward thinking band. I could have picked any one of a batch of awesome gigs that we’ve done – Reading Festival in 2009, SXSW in Texas and Tokyo in 2010 etc but I like to think that we’re always improving and always building. In an ideal world the best gig we’ve ever done will be our next one.


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