You’ve GOT to Hear This: “Heart of Gold”

Telen RodwellSingle Review: Telen Rodwell, Heart of Gold -Released March 4th – Borough Records

For his debut single release, Telen Rodwell fittingly writes about the coming of age of a young man moving into adulthood, just as he aims to graduate into the higher levels of the music industry. His is a catchy, upbeat acoustic number, indicating hope at the cusp of this maturing, is a potential pop hit.

If played to the right people, Heart of Gold could easily capture the imagination of the average pop fan as well as those who enjoy an acoustic ditty. This is a radio friendly song which does little to challenge the ear, built around pleasant chord sequences and strong harmonies.

Perhaps it is here that weakness can be found – some might say there’s little here that hasn’t been heard before – but this does little to diminish the appeal and potential of an up and coming talent.

Carl Wallis

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