Transition Baby, Velocets, The Thespians: Concert Review & Photos!

Transition Baby, Velocets, The Thespians Friars Court 08/02/13

V3Sorry who the fuck said guitar music was dead? The music industry may very well be oversaturated with manufactured pop headed up by so called music execs whose interest appears to lie solely in creating global superstars, but get yourself down to any local venue on a Friday or Saturday in fact pretty much any night and you’ll find these bands in abundance. Whilst many would have you believe guitar music is fast facing extinction it’s more a case of the industry doing very little to promote this genre of music. If we’re going to make music great again it’s more important now than ever that people get out there and support these amazing bands, don’t just wait until they’ve made it without enough support no matter how good they are they simply won’t.

When it comes to supporting local music Warrington’s Friars Court is a perfect example of a venue dedicated to giving up and coming bands a platform to promote themselves £2 to watch three bands on a Friday night no one in their right mind would pass that up or so you would think. Headlining tonight’s bill was Liverpool based The Thespians with support from two of Manchester’s finest talents Velocets and Transition Baby.

V2Now I don’t know much about Transition Baby and to be honest I’d never heard of them before this gig, but one thing I do know having seen them live is I definitely want to catch them again. They may have opened to a very, emphasis on very, small crowd, but that didn’t stop them putting on one hell of a show. The name Transition Baby may sound quite cool and trippy and that’s exactly how they sound on stage. The music is so powerful it hooks you in long before you even hear any vocals and once you’re in there’s no turning back. They certainly have a great vibe about them the lack of friendly faces down the front  doesn’t faze them one bit in fact they embrace it, like all bands on the bill tonight you’d be forgiven for thinking they were playing a sell out show such was the passion in each of their performances. This indie four piece definitely create a distinctive first impression and having spent the past few days checking them out I can’t wait to get to know them more.

V1Ever since watching Velocets headline Kraak a few weeks ago I’d been dying to catch them live again, I was already sold as a fan of their music, but seeing them live took them to a whole new level and tonight they stepped it up another notch. Having chatted to the lads beforehand they didn’t have a definite set list as such, but they were keen to try out a few new songs they’ve been working on. Rather than expanding their set with any new additions the idea is to refine it throwing out anything that doesn’t measure up if there even is such a thing.

One of the many things that impressed me the first time around was the band’s stage presence there’s great banter between Adam and Elliott and that certainly transpires over to the audience. Tonight the amusement largely surrounded the tale of how they almost made the big time recently catching the eye of a big shot in the industry only to quickly find out it was actually just some bald guy listening to a bit a music in his kitchen!! Undeterred by this Velocets seem to be going from strength to strength and having watched them a couple of times I can already see why. Their musical talent is fiercely matched by their work ethic, there’s a great buzz surrounding this band at the moment and with a bit of support this year will definitely be one to remember.

V4Despite hailing from Liverpool I’d not come across The Thespians before, but always keen to discover new bands I stuck around for their set and by god was I glad I did. Having just released single Under Siege they brought with them cds demoing this and a couple of their other tracks, of course I grabbed one with both hands and haven’t stopped listening to it ever since. Despite having to recently source a new drummer these guys and girl are especially tight with impressive guitar riffs, bass lines and drum thumping all accompanied by beautiful vocals The Thespians complement each other perfectly. Stand out track So So is anything but, melodic and heavier than some of the other tunes it’s by far my favourite it’s a great mix of punk and rock and perfectly defines this band and their music. When it comes to The Thespians I like their stories and I like their style I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring for them. I’ll definitely be following them to another gig see you down the front some time soon.


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