Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Mazes

MazesWith the release of their new album Ores & Minerals out today, AMBY thought we’d celebrate by sending out our interview with Mazes. With their hook laden choruses and great lyrics, their music really amazes us. And pun absolutely intended! So we spoke with this talented trio about names, selfies and of course, Ores & Minerals!

AMBY: How would you describe Mazes’ sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Mazes: I don’t know really because we’re changing all the time. I’d go out of my way not to describe our sound to be honest because it always makes me feel uncomfortable.

AMBY: Where did the name Mazes come from?

Mazes: Jarin came up with it and I don’t really know why. I think as soon as you pick a name and release a song or something, the only time you ever think about your name is when someone asks. I guess it’s similar to your first name… Jack, Alicia or whatever… it’s actually weird to even think about having a name, if you know what I mean? It’s something that seems weirdly distant.

AMBY: Skulking is such a cool song, what is the story behind the song?

Mazes: It originally had a pulsing synth and drone behind it. That’s what the song is written to and how we play it live but the synth and drone got taken out of the recorded version to give it some space. Lyrically I don’t really know. I rarely write literal lyrics like the Kinks or love songs, it’s more just a stream of conscious and words that sound good together. It evokes a feeling in me personally and it does hopefully other people. A feeling of menace.

AMBY: What is the funniest thing to happen to you at one of your gigs?

Mazes: At an early show in London, a guy sat on the front of the stage with his back to us. That was funny. He was making a point and then a weird thing happens in America where people take selfies with their back to the band to get the band in the shot. But just in general operating at a low level of the music industry is fairly hilarious. Once you learn not to worry and not to let it get you down, you really do meet some people that blow your mind with how bad they are as people ha

AMBY: You are about to release your next record Ores & Minerals. What does the band have planned next?

Mazes: We’re going to do some touring and then make another record. Started formulating some vague plans

AMBY: Who would you like to be most and least stuck in an elevator with?

Mazes: Oh Werner Herzog or Larry David…either for different reasons but then least… I really really dislike our prime minister.

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Mazes: Not much new stuff really but I’m still hung up on the Dean Blunt/Inga Copeland LP from last year, Raime, Demdike Stare, Deep Time, Vision Fortune, Parquet Courts, Sharm El Shakes, Actress

AMBY: If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would you choose?

Mazes: Werner Herzog, Laura Dern, Steven Brody Stevens

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013?

Mazes: Steven Brody Stevens.

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Mazes that nobody knows yet?

Mazes: We do what we like.


Thank you very much Mazes, for giving us your answers!

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