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PlaylistedLive gigs come with an energy all their own. The band is energized by the crowd; the crowd by the band. New songs are tried; old ones are demanded. The bands grow, the fans want more. The relationship between the band and the crowd has always fascinated me. The quality music found at venues all over astounds me.

I began this Playlisted with the thought in mind of showcasing bands I wanted to see live. This started me hunting around for material from live shows. I soon found that material abounds. Fans routinely film their favourite bands from mobile phones. These end up on YouTube. They then end up transporting me to the venue. I was so impressed with the material I found on my own that I put a call out to bands: ‘pass your live footage along to me’. Bands responded. Fans responded. In a matter of just a couple hours, I had enough material to make a virtual festival.

I’d like to extend a warm thank you to all the bands and fans who shared their live footage with me and A Music Blog, Yea? Watch these awesome videos. Look at the venues around you, and get out there and support the amazing artists! Hey, this is where great new music begins!


Audio Mime – Cold Winter (live at @StickyMikes, Brighton, 2013)
The Antics – Higher (live at Parr Hll, Warrington, 2012)
The Feud – Mad (live at Bootleggers Music Bar, Kendal)
Dirty Sterling – live practice session mix, 201
The Rifts – Run Away (live at Brookers Bar, Chester, 2013)
The Peregrines – Pretty Girls and Daydreams (live at @nambuccalondon, London, 2013)
Union – Come on Down (live at Lomax, Liverpool, May 2012)
Stylusboy – Dave’s Song (live at The Madhouse, Burton)
The ClockTower – Kiss Ya Glass (live at the Lord Hill Hotel, Shrewsbury, 2012)
The Boondock Hippy – Promised Land (live at Ballyhoo, London, 2012)
Magic Carpet Factory – Twisted Dream (live at Fruit, Hull, 2012)
Year of the Fox – Your House is No Longer a Home (live at @229thevenue, London, 2012)
The Fourth Circle – The Biggest Lie (live at Sound Control, 2012)
Bloom – live at Unplug, Digbeth @UnPlugDigbeth, 2011
The Ninth Watch – Concrete Boots (live at @nightanddaycafe, Manchester, 2012)
HUMI – Join In (live at Harrow Arts Centre, 2012)
The Thespians – Haven’t You Heard (live at @O2AcademyLpool, Liverpool, 2011)
Robb Murphy – When Silence Comes (live at Empire Music Hall, Belfast, 2013)
Velocets – Naked (live at Kraak Gallery (@kraakspace) Manchester, 2013)
Paul Freeman – Last Man Standing (live at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Holland, October 2012)
Psyence – Brother it was Just a Dream (live at @TheSugarmillStoke, Stoke-on-Trent, 2013)

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