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Turrentine JonesAs people, Turrentine Jones are a study in contrasts: I consider myself gruff and guardedly wry, while drummer Rich Watts is more voluble and outwardly enthusiastic. Thomas Scotson, our Hammond organ player is from Finland… we’re all from different countries actually. Together we make up a sound that has likened us to The Animals and The Doors, mostly due to our band make-up and Hammond sound.

Blues might be a fashion for some bands right now, but for us, it’s about taking those real influences and making them work within our own music.

Turrentine Jones began playing gigs around London in 2010, our first at the London Tavern in Kilburn with our drummer then, Chris Carcamo. Things have changed since 2010, our sound has changed a lot – When you play a song 60 times a year, you’re well-rehearsed.

We’ve done and enjoyed some great shows recently, picked up a few awards and been filmed for a popular TV show coming soon… most importantly we’re gearing up for a busy 2013, summer festivals and some exciting opportunities down the line.

A lot of these songs come from a little black book I carry around which are about my life, growing up in a small town in Australia. We hope you enjoy our music!

We plan to release our debut record at the end of the UK summer – July/August.


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