Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Carnabells

Their plethora of influences combine to create the distinct sound that is the Carnabells – an energetic, fresh, and exciting band. Tonight, Carnabells will be releasing their brand-new track Runaway Train on BBC Radio Leeds. Later on, they’ll be linking up a new video to the song for everyone to watch and download. If you couldn’t tell already, it’s going to be a very exciting week for the group. So AMBY spoke with the band about dream gigs, plans for 2013, and Runaway Train!

AMBY: Hey there! Please introduce yourselves to AMBY, who are Carnabells?

Carnabells: Brought up in an old mining village in the heart of Yorkshire, Brothers Luke and Mitch finally decided to form an indie rock n’ roll group. Alongside drummer Tom Webster, pianist Jack Mattison and bassist Louis Appleyard, Carnabells fell upon a sound with its heart and soul in traditional rock n roll that has been described by their followers as ‘Coal Mine Rock.’

AMBY: How would you describe Carnabells’ sound to those unfamiliar with your music?

Carnabells: Our sound is influenced by the 50s era, along with growling guitars and jangling keys we create a cocktail of head boppin’ hip twistin’ danceable Rock n Roll.

AMBY: Your upcoming track Runaway Train will be released on March 9th! Within this week tons of events will be happening for the band. How excited are you for that?!

Carnabells: Very excited, can’t wait to get the tune out there! Especially looking forward to releasing the song on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire, and the Launch Party gig at The Cockpit on 15th March is set to be a smashing night too. We’re buzzin!

AMBY: Speaking of the release, Runaway Train is a fantastic song! What was it like recording it?

Carnabells: It was great fun. We always love recording, working with engineer James Mottershead at Chairworks Studio is always enjoyable, and we get some really cool sounds from there. Jack ended up using this 1970’s Fender Rhodes Piano which had a psychedelic keys sound, and we had got some interesting backing vocals on there too, just to keep Tom happy, he’s harmony mad.

AMBY: What does the band have planned for 2013?

Carnabells: We’re hoping to play a good few festivals this summer. Planning on recording many more tunes too, and start to travel around a bit more!

AMBY: Who would your dream gig be with?

Carnabells: If we could hop in a time machine back to the 50’s we’d love to gig with Chuck Berry and jam out Johnny B Goode, but I don’t think that’s going to happen unfortunately…

AMBY: I love the video and lyrics to your track The Puzzle, one I’ve been listening to a lot lately! What’s a song you will never tire of?

Carnabells: We never tire of playing songs really, but we’re really buzzin’ off a new one we’ve recently written called ‘All I Wanna Do’. It’s quite similar to The Puzzle, really energetic.

AMBY: Which artists have you been listening to lately?

Carnabells: As a band we listen to The Beatles a lot when we’re together. We’ve had Eddie Cochran on repeat a few times. We saw Eagles of Death Metal at Leeds Festival too and loved them. They’re not the kind of band we usually listen to, but we thought that the front man Jesse Hughes was quality.

AMBY: What has you excited for 2013? There must be a lot!

Carnabells: We can’t wait for the summer. We’ve got lots planned, just working really hard towards releasing Runaway Train at the minute and making the launch a proper good party!

AMBY: And lastly, what’s something about Carnabells that nobody knows yet?

Carnabells: We’ve been shortlisted to play several big festivals this summer, but none of these have been officially announced yet, so watch this space!


Make sure you go down to see Carnabells at their launch party gig Friday, March 15th! Details can be found over on their Facebook page. Tickets are only £4 and everyone that comes to the gig will receive a free CD of the track! So make sure you check them out. Lastly, thank you so much Carnabells, for giving us your answers!

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