Lyric of the Day: “Conventional Girl”

Kate NashConventional Girl by Kate Nash

“I’m sick of being the bitch that you think I am”

If you don’t know it yet, I’m a massive fanboy of Kate Nash. She’s just an absolute goddess, I adore her. Her lyrics can be as witty as any good sitcom on TV but also, incredibly poignant.

What I love about the rest of this album, her third full-length release entitled Girl Talk, is its nature of being such an emotional purge for Nash. This kind of lyric is something you just blurt out, which is what makes it stick to your brain immediately, but it says a lot more if you ask me. It’s about that frustration. How you get into that dynamic with someone, where you always fall into that pit where you do something that you know they’ll revel in. Because they hate it when you do that. And you hate yourself when you do it. But somehow, every time you’re around them, you become that bitch. And you know that you’re not that bitch, and you hate that the only side they’ve seen of you is that bitch?

Do I sound insane? Does anyone else ever get the same feeling? Or is it just me? Eh, Kate Nash seems to get it too, and if you ask me, that’s not a bad person to share it with!

Cultured Lad aka @aculturedlad

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