Getting Cozy With… THUMPERS!

THUMPERST is for Tyrannosaurus-Rex… Jurassic Park and the Speilberg output as a whole is a pretty great thematic template.
H is for Hometown… We record back in the villages and towns where we grew up, which feeds quite a bit into the atmosphere of the recordings and subject matter of our lyrics.
U is for United States… The majority of the new music we like and listen to from the last 5 years was mainly made in america, with a few exceptions naturally. They also make the best out and out pop music.
M is for Melancholy… we’re big fans of melancholic stuff, and even though our music is pretty “up”, there are definitely undertones of that feeling running through our record. I guess its quite escapist music as well, to take you away from that feeling.
P is for Precious… we’re take a very UN-precious stance when it comes to any song or the parts we play in each one. And if somethings broken or we think something is bad, we dont mind throwing it out, or coming back to it later.
ER is for “Errrrrmarghidunno”… If we’re unsure of a particular part of a song and it makes us say that, its usually pretty good and we keep it. Being scared is good.
S is for Snare drum… A loud, layered drum part is at the heart of all Thumpers songs.. Our obsession with rhythm runs pretty deep.


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Alicia Atout

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