Getting Cozy With… The Sun and The Sky!

The Sun and the SkyHey we’re THE SUN AND THE SKY from Adelaide, South Australia. We formed our 4-piece indie synth rock band around 3 brothers, Tim (vox/synth), Sam (guitar/vox) and Simon Pearce (drums). We’d never played in a band together before this for some reason!… and when our mate Justin Pounsett on bass/synth/vox joined us we put on our first show (early 2011). We all love Joy Division, New Order, U2, NIN, The Killers, Placebo, M83 and The Presets, and not surprisingly from that eclectic mix, we’ve developed an intense synthy, dancey sound with melodic guitar and dark-ish pop vocals. After we put out a demo last year we scored quite a few supports from interstate bands coming through town and now with this new single release and some touring grants we’re traveling ourselves and starting to live the dream (sharing the floor, eating cheap, and hardly sleeping, haha!). Our new single, “Already One”, has been inspired lyrically by the idea that we’re all connected by some mysterious force (or maybe just the human condition). It’s about finding that connection with people we love in spite of all the hurt that we inevitably face. We really hope you like it as much as we love playing it – thanks for listening!!! :)


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