Getting Cozy With… Kid Paret!

Kid ParetKid Paret (kid-pah-rett).


1. Nothing to do with the boxer.

2. 5 and-a-half-piece from London.

3. Founded late 2012

4. Chris Steward – Creative genius – lead guitarist

Brandon Severin – Token black guy (self-description) – Guitarist

James Lane – Admirer of fine wines and mature cheddars – vocals

Dan Steward – Inferior version of Chris – Bass

Will Minashi– N/A(no defining characteristics) – Drums

Tom Nevile – The half – Percussion/ Synths

5. Average age of 16.56 years old

6. We are an Indie-Pop band, with a couple songs on YouTube (Manners & It Comes and Goes) and many more in the making. If you don’t like our music please seek out urgent help at

7. We are not a band of hatred. Except for Tom who has a strong dislike of cinnamon.

8. Follow our gigs, come to our Facebook, like our Twitter.


Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud //

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