Getting Cozy With… Høøves!


We are Høøves. Four girls out of Vancouver, BC. Josefa (drums) and Paulette (vocals) are sisters, from Nova Scotia and Calgary. We met Brittany (guitar) in film class. She was playing Tetris. We were downloading music. Zarah (bass) literally painted and danced into our lives. We all spend most of our time volunteering at CiTR, the campus radio station, jamming in a basement, and playing rowdy, crowded little house shows.

Zarah’s dad gave her some recording time as a Christmas present, so we laid down a few of our little diddy’s and called it, “Dear, Nevada EP”, before she flew off to explore Milan for the rest of the semester. This summer we will be going on a small, long-haired, flower-filled, sun-kissed tour across Canada, maybe all the way to Halifax (depending on how broke we are by then). We are still defining our sound, I guess. We like to say, “Unicorns Barking” when asked, because no one knows what that sounds like, for no one but us has ever even seen unicorns, after all. Our influences consist of water in general (even the drinking kind), beach music in particular, nights spent biking around town hitting up the good local shows, ghost stories, Italian coffee, and mermaids. If we could go on tour with any one, it would probably have to be Joe Strummer without the rest of the Clash because we would be too easily swooned by Simonon’s motorcycle driving.

Band Members:
Josefa + Paulette Cameron (Nova Scotia/ Calgary)
Brittany Ballantyne (San Francisco/ Las Vegas)
Zarah Cheng (Vancouver)


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