Getting Cozy With… Bagatelle!


We are Bagatelle, a French Paris Trio composed by Jérôme Mériaux, Olivier Blot and Nicolas Dufournet with the featuring of Andrea Vaughn, indie singer of the iconic new-wave 90’s  band from Brooklyn (New York City): My Favorite, (now reformed under the name of The Secret History).

We have composed this EP through Atlantic Ocean without seeing together with Andrea. Six hymns to love were hatched, six intimate and delicate perfumes, six ways to say I LOVE YOU: to our loves, to our friends, with delight…

This studio record project is very intismist, cosy, a good indie/dreamy pop alternative  for starting Spring and Summer.

Bagatelle play reverberated guitar, graft on cheap synthesizers on a beach and aerial bossa choruses, in full sun exposure between Brazil and Brooklyn where drums battle on a beach near Austerlitz. Nostalgic, light, our music is composed with and through images from the sky, those that are formed during our early emotions, the memories that are still vivid.

We invite you for a love “Rendez-vous” in thinking of people you are attached..This not just a “bagatelle”.

Enjoy the sound and stay sensitive…

A bientôt,



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